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It’s difficult to imagine a place of business that doesn’t make use of wayfinding signs. Wayfinding signage allows people to find you, navigate their way around your business establishment, and quickly locate what they’re looking for. Among all the other types of signage, directional signs are probably the most diverse in terms of design, function, and the benefits they have to your organization. If you’re looking for indoor wayfinding signs or attention-grabbing exterior wayfinding signs, our team of signage experts at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics in Folsom are ready to help you come up with functional as well as tastefully designed wayfinding signage.

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More than showing people where to find you, excellent wayfinding signs tell the public what your company is all about. A simple yet stylish outdoor sign that says laundry and has an arrow that points to your shop’s direction clearly and immediately informs potential customers that somewhere in their neighborhood a laundry shop exists. If you can combine wayfinding and art, this type of marketing and branding will make people remember you whenever they need their laundry done.

Interior wayfinding signage is just as important. Imagine doing grocery shopping in a newly opened grocery store and you couldn’t see any signs around. You keep guessing which aisle has the cereals, the toiletries or the baking ingredients. You know you can ask the sales personnel, but you hate to keep asking for each item you need. Most of us are in a hurry and if we are having difficulty finding what we need, there’s a good chance we will leave and take our business somewhere else. Make it easy for people to find their way around your business spaces with directional or wayfinding signs and soon enough you’ll have a group of loyal customers flocking into your store.

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Popular Uses of Wayfinding Signs

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Wayfinding signage is everywhere. You see them as street signs and directional signage in cities and neighborhoods, temporary and safety signs in construction sites, banners in party and trade show venues, and door signs in schools, hospitals, government offices, and medical clinics.

While these signs have an important job to do, which is to guide people where to go, they can also serve as fantastic marketing tools and bring in tons of other benefits to your organization.

Benefits of Wayfinding / Directional Signs

Wayfinding and directional signs are highly customizable; they can be designed to match your company’s overall marketing strategy. The experienced sign makers at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics can use your brand’s color palette and incorporate them to your directional signs, thereby allowing you to stand out from the crowd without deviating from the standards. When done right, these signs can help establish your brand’s identity and presence in the community and bring in increased foot traffic to your establishment.

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When it comes to your wayfinding, directional, arrow, and other signage needs, trust only 4 Directions Signs & Graphics in Folsom, California. We provide our clients customized sign solutions that match their unique needs. As a full-service sign company, you can be sure that our in-house team of sign experts are going to be with you from conceptualization and creation, to installation and maintenance. We are known to use only the highest quality materials to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

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