ADA signs

Why is it Important to Follow Color Contrast Rules for ADA Signs?

You can help ensure your business is welcoming to all individuals by creating signage that adheres to guidelines in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Virtually all commercial buildings are required to include ADA-compliant signs, and breaches can result in costly fines. There are many requirements for these signs to ensure they support everyone in your business. This includes rules for their placement, text, sizing, colors, and more. Colors, specifically, need to be high contrast to help individuals distinguish between the sign’s background and its text. Before we take a closer look at the color contrast rules for custom ADA

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Business Signs

A Business Sign Needs These Five Elements

Signs serve many purposes for businesses. Some business signage may help with marketing. They can let prospects know what your company is all about and encourage them to do business with you. They can also promote services, products, sales, and events. Other types of signs can help inform customers and guests. This may include directional signs that show them the way or restroom signs that point out the nearest facility. Still, other signs, such as ADA signs, can help make your location more accessible and inclusive. Regardless of the type of commercial business sign, they all serve an important purpose

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Wayfinding Signage

What Do I Need to Know About Custom Directional Signage?

Whether you refer to them as wayfinding or directional signage, they can be used to benefit your business. Put simply, they are a type of signage that can provide directions and help people from getting lost within your business location. If you’re looking to improve the customer experience, keep reading. Below is everything you need to know about directional signs. What is Directional Signage? Consider the last time you were in a large retail store, arena, or office complex. It’s likely that you were looking for one specific area within that establishment. It could have been a certain aisle in

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Lobby Signs

Get that Upsell with Well Placed Office Lobby Signs

Upselling refers to a sales technique that encourages customers to buy an upgraded item or add-on at a higher price. For an additional cost, a customer can receive a comparable item of increased quality or size or an extra add-on. You may be familiar with this tactic when restaurants ask if you would like to upsize your coffee from a medium to a large or add a muffin to your breakfast order — by spending a bit more. Restaurants are not alone when it comes to upselling. It can be used across many lines of business, such as retail, travel

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Channel Letter Sign

How Essential are Channel Letter Signs for Your Business?

If you’re a business owner who is looking to attract customers, there are many signage options available to you. Different types of signs can help, but signage outside your business is a powerful way to get noticed right in your community. It’s up to you to decide how you want to promote your business. But channel letter signs may be the answer when it comes to bright, vibrant signage that commands attention. These signs offer a number of benefits that can boost your business’s visibility. Read on to learn more about these signs and how they can help a business

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Indoor Signs

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Interior Signs

Exterior signs play an important role for businesses. They can attract attention and convert passersby into customers. Interior business signs, however, play a pivotal role, too. They serve many purposes when customers step inside your business, which you will learn more about below. On top of this, they can also compel customers to return and do business with you again. Below are the top three reasons why your business needs interior signs. 1. Improve the Customer Experience Your outdoor signs may very well be the reason why customers have arrived at your business. However, once they step inside, indoor signs

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Home office wall decals
Wall Graphics

Home Office Wall Graphics Ideas that Increase Productivity

If your productivity is suffering while working from home, wall graphics could be the answer. Blank walls in a home office can be uninspiring. This might make it tough to perform at your best. But even in the smallest of spaces, wall art is a simple, cost-effective option for improving the space — and your productivity. If you’re ready to enhance your home office space, read on. Below are some design elements to consider when choosing commercial wall graphics for your home. Colorful Designs Colors can change our moods by setting the tone in a workspace. A mix of vibrant

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Outdoor directory signs
Directory Signs

The Purpose of Building Directory Signs for Business

Create a warm welcome with building directory signage. Designed to list tenants in a building, these signs are common in many types of businesses. Office towers, shopping malls, and medical clinics are all shared spaces. With a directory, guests will be able to find which unit they need quickly. Below, we outline how a directory in your lobby has many advantages. Help Guests Find Their Way Imagine being a tourist at a large hotel, museum, or resort. If it’s your first time arriving, you likely won’t know your way around. Lobby directory signs would be a tremendous asset. You might

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Advertising flags and banners
Banners & Flags

Advantages of Banners and Flags Advertising

Advertising flags and banners command attention. Whether you are out for a walk, run or drive, it’s hard to ignore flags flapping in the wind. At a trade show or event, tall banners are also easy to notice. This visibility is just one reason that so many Folsom business-owners use these signs for advertising. If you’re considering using flags or banners for your business, read on. Below is a list of all the advantages these signs bring businesses. Cheaper than Other Forms of Advertising Advertising campaigns can be a costly investment. Compared to print, digital, or broadcast ads, banners and

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Custom signs for business

What Can Custom Signs Do for a Business

The benefits of personalized signs are limitless for businesses of all types. Unfortunately, for many business-owners, signage doesn’t rank high among their marketing priorities. But it should! Various types of signs can help businesses in so many ways, from increasing revenue to improving customer experiences. At 4 Directions Signs & Graphics, we work closely with Folsom businesses on custom signs that get noticed. Below are some ways that personalized signs are benefitting these businesses. Gain a Competitive Advantage With many businesses focused on traditional, non-visual forms of marketing, signage offers a unique way to stand out. Plus, you can take

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