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Do you have commercial vehicles driving in and around Elk Grove? Do you or your employees use a company vehicle to come to work? If yes, vehicle wraps could be exactly what you need to take your business to the next level!

Vehicle advertising takes advantage of company vehicles that are on the road anyway and turns them into multiple-purpose tools. Suddenly, your drivers are more than men and women on the clock: they’re ambassadors of your business.

You have the opportunity of putting your brand name out there every day. Compared to other mediums of advertisement, custom vehicle wraps don’t require a constant inflow of money to keep your business in front of your customers. More money in your pocket equals more adverting through other means.

If you want to learn more about the power of vehicle wraps and how they can benefit your business, contact us to book a consultation.

What Are Vinyl Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps and graphics are printed on vinyl sheets that are bright, durable, and catchy. They adhere to your car through an installation process that leaves them airtight, appearing as if they’re painted on your vehicle. As an added bonus, while they’re on your vehicle, they protect your vehicle’s original paint.

It’s the combination of an attractive design, vibrant colors, and precise installation that makes a positive impact on your brand’s reach. High-quality vinyl wraps and graphics provide a professional appearance for your business and create brand awareness among the community. If you aren’t letting people know you are open for business, and making them remember your name and contact information, how can you expect to expand?

Types of Vehicle Wraps

Full Vehicle Wraps

The most effective forms of vehicle wraps are full-body wraps. Your business or company will instantly feel its effectiveness as the presence of a bright and attractive vinyl wrap is hard to miss and it easily catches the attention of anyone passing by. In terms of practicality, they allow more space for designers which allows more attention to detailed design.

Think about it: the more space you take advantage of on your vehicle, the bigger your message is and the more information you can include. In advertising, bigger is always better.

Partial Wrap:

We understand a full wrap isn’t for everyone. Another option is wrapping only a part of the vehicle. They’re often chosen by businesses that aren’t sure about the effectiveness of vehicle wraps or who want to cut costs because they’re wrapping an entire fleet. In any case, they still are an option that excels at dramatically increasing your daily impressions, especially with the right design.

With a design that blends the vinyl with your vehicle’s original paint, you can make it appear as if your vehicle is fully wrapped. But you have to work with a signage company that knows how to do this properly.

Vehicle Graphics & Decals:

For brands that are established to a level where customers can be reminded of them by just looking at their logo or tagline, vehicle decals or vehicle lettering are a good alternative. They’re a cost-effective way to advertise while still getting a lot of eyes on your business.

Our Process

When it comes to vehicle wrap installation, we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. We’ve been in business for years and know how to do the job quickly and efficiently. We give you all the pre-prep information that you need to know before handing your car over to us. Then we do our own preparation by smoothing the surface and working out any inconsistency so it’s easy for the vinyl to adhere to.

Next, we trim any excess vinyl, leaving you with crisp edges on your vehicle. Then we smooth out the surface, ensuring there are no air bubbles. After that, we need to let the vehicle sit so your vehicle-wrapped advertising machine will last for years to come.

Before we even begin our installation, we sit down with our clients and create a design that works for them. Our experienced graphics designs work out several designs until we find the best one that pleases our clients. Once you sign off on the project, we go right to work.

It all starts with you picking up the phone. Don’t put that project you’ve had in mind off any longer; give us a call and book a no-pressure consultation.


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