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Customized Wall Graphics for Business

Walls are one of the least noticed architectural elements in homes and commercial establishments – if they are plain-looking, that is. When adorned with exquisite works of arts, wall graphics or constructed with rare planks of wood, however, walls will usually become the center of everyone’s attention.

If you happen to own a business establishment and look into refurbishing your walls to give them a fresher look, consider turning them into stunning marketing materials that will not only wow walk-in customers and guests but also have the potential to increase your sales.

The Versatility of Custom Vinyl Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are one the most versatile indoor signs any business owner can utilize for multiple purposes. One of their significant uses is as an advertising tool. Full vinyl wall graphics that spans an entire wall in lobbies, hallways, and parking areas can be designed to introduce your latest creations or services, showcase your best-selling products, or display your company name, logo, and tagline to raise brand awareness. Having business wall graphics installed is among the smartest solutions for anyone who is not quite ready for a major renovation or a new paint job. Apart from their affordability, office wall graphics are easy to install and take down should you need to have them replaced.

Vinyl wall decals can also be used as lobby and reception area signage to usher visitors in and reinforce the outdoor signs they have previously seen prior to entering your business space. They can be a full wall wrap with your logo or company name printed against a delightful pattern of colors that match your brand’s color palette, or minimalist wall decals that show people who you are and what your business is all about.

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Custom Wall Graphics Materials

So what are decorative wall graphics and what differentiates them from a regular paint job? Traditionally, businesses have their interior walls hand painted to give them a professional look and they wait days for the paint to dry and the smell to dissipate before they are able to move in. This process can be costly, depending on the size of the building and the hours lost to waiting.

Custom vinyl wall graphics, on the other hand, are thin layers of adhesive vinyl materials that are digitally printed and applied on walls. Because they are printed digitally, owners have the freedom to choose which images, colors, and texts to use to best convey their message. No more waiting for the paint to dry or days of productivity lost.

Other materials include fabric and paper, but vinyl is the most durable and widely used.

Improve Your Ambiance with Gorgeous Walls

Whether we realize it or not, our work environment influences productivity and influences our emotional state throughout the day. Influence your customers’ purchasing decision and encourage them to buy your latest offers with huge wall wraps that show them why they need your products. Office wall graphics like these are best installed inside retail outlets or restaurants.

Employees’ lounge and board room walls are other areas where wall graphics can play an important role. You can have your walls printed with motivational quotes or your company motto to remind members of your team of their important part in the organization, or simply improve the atmosphere with images and colors that affect the mood in a positively.

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