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One of the most popular types of outdoor business signage is channel letter signs. It is highly visible even from a distance, thanks to its ultra-bright illumination and three-dimensional feature. Brick and mortar businesses greatly benefit from putting up channel letter signs that are professionally made and installed.

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Advantages of Channel Letters

Investing in lighted letter signs has several advantages:

Round the clock marketing – With lighted letter signs, you can introduce and reinforce your brand day and night. This helps improve brand retention so customers can easily remember your company when the time comes that they need a certain product or service that you happen to offer.

Competitive edge – Stand out from competition with the help of outdoor lighted letter signs. It’s vibrant and vivid feature can surely capture the attention and pique the interest of your target consumers. Make sure to choose the right size that best suits your establishment type.

Landmark – One of the most important purposes of channel letter signs is identification. According to a study by FedEx, 76% of the consumers said they entered a business establishment for the first time because of its outdoor signs. In addition, 68% claimed that business signage reflects the quality of its products and services. You definitely don’t want your establishment to look sketchy and unprofessional. Otherwise, customers will hesitate in entering your place because they have no idea what it is and what you provide. It also helps those who heard about your business beforehand to locate your actual address.

Bang for your buck – Channel letters are made to be resistant to harsh weather conditions. This means that you don’t have to replace or repair them as often. Plus, when you use LED, expect to have a lifespan 100,000 and less power consumption as compared to a neon light. In fact, to reach 1,000 people online can cost up to $17.50 per thousand impressions, TV ads cost $22.00 – $25.00 per thousand, and magazine ads can cost up to $21.00 per thousand. The good news is that LED channel letter signs can reach the same audience for a fraction of these costs.

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Types of Channel Letter Signage

Channel letters typically come in four types:

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Front-lit – This is the most common type of channel letter because of its aesthetically pleasing look. It’s composed of an LED module or neon gas tube that illuminates the signage from inside out. The light source is covered with an acrylic material and translucent colored overlay. Front-lit channel letter signs are popularly found in malls, restaurants, bars, among others.

Reverse lit – It’s otherwise known as backlit or halo-lit because illumination is reflected on the mounting surface to create the effect. The back part is sealed with polycarbonate, whereas the front part is covered with aluminum.

Specialty channel letter – This is perfect for signs that have more intricate and complex designs. You can use neon, LED, color-changing light, and so much more.

Open face – This type is the least common amongst all lighted letter signs. It’s composed of neon tubing inside an aluminum can that is shaped into a letter. It doesn’t have any protective layer or frontal covering which makes the illumination look diffused and less appealing.

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