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As you pass through a revolving door and enter the lobby of a corporation, your eyes are suddenly pulled like magnets to the wall behind the reception desk. There, with morning sunlight glinting off its brushed aluminum edges, is one of the most striking office lobby signs you have ever seen. The company’s branding is imposing, impressive, classy, and utterly unique. Before even approaching the reception desk, this lobby logo sign has made an immense first impression! 

The first impression and branding powers of custom lobby logo signs are considerable. Don’t settle for a letter-sized sheet taped onto a wall – show your customers and visitors what your company really stands for. When it’s time for branded custom signs, California trusts the experts at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics!

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Lobby Signs Lead The Way

What a terrific first impression that was! Now, however, you still need to find your way to the correct office for your meeting – and you have only a few minutes. At times, these signs can greatly improve your visitors’ experience.

Lobby signs can be used for several different purposes, including:

  • Assisting the reader in finding a specific person’s individual office.
  • Helping visitors and staff find important areas, such as conference rooms, theatres, and cafeterias.
  • Directing visitors to different businesses, in a multi-tenant environment.

Remember that office lobby signs can take many forms! The most common is the metal or aluminum style, with a brushed or flat finish. Other options include:

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The category of interior signs includes products such as custom lobby signs, lobby directory signs, and reception signs. Collectively, these corporate office signs play an important role in your business. They carry out several purposes-from welcoming and directing customers to strengthening your branding and enhancing the appearance of your lobby. Eye-catching interior lobby signs make a positive impression upon your customers by ensuring that your workplace looks professional, credible, and inviting. 4 Directions Signs & Graphics can customize your corporate lobby signs to reflect your design vision and use your brand’s logo, colors, and font for maximum effect. 

Contact the experts at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics to discuss your interior signage goals and receive a complimentary quote. We look forward to becoming your trusted signage partner in Rancho Cordova, CA.

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