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Vehicle wraps allow you to advertise your brand wherever you go – whether you’re parked or on the road. Car wraps and truck wraps transform your company vehicle into a mobile billboard that will spread awareness of your brand and establish credibility within your community. Custom vehicle wraps have one of the highest ROI compared to other forms of advertising, as they allow you to create more impressions and market your brand 24/7.

Whether you need car wraps, truck wraps, a full or partial wrap, or vehicle graphics/lettering, the team at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics can help. We’ll work with you to create a custom auto wrap that complements your branding goals and attracts attention from your target audience in and around California.

Promote Your Brand with Vehicle Wraps.

Types Of Custom Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Full Vehicle Wraps

Full vehicle wraps

Fleet Vehicle Wraps Folsom, Sacramento

Fleet wraps

Partial Vehicle Wraps Folsom

Partial vehicle wraps

Trailer Wraps - Truck Wraps

Trailer wraps / truck wraps

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Vehicle graphics

Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering

Why Choose Vehicle Wraps?

In Folsom, Sacramento, and beyond, vehicle wraps have the power to share your brand message with everyone you encounter. Whether your vehicle is parked or out on the road, you could be promoting your brand and possibly bringing in new business.

Consider some of the benefits of vehicle wraps for your company:

  • Take advantage of an affordable form of marketing that doesn’t require renewal payments to stay active.
  • Pay once to receive unlimited impressions when parked or on the road.
  • Receive protection from scratches and scuffs for your vehicle’s original paint.
  • Remove the vinyl with the help of a signage specialist (if and when needed) to reveal the original paint underneath. 

What Are the Options for Commercial Vehicle Wraps?

When it comes to selecting wraps for your vehicles, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking for the ultimate brand exposure tool, complete advertising car wraps, truck wraps, and trailer wraps are key. With these wraps, the entire painted surface of your vehicle can be transformed with your branding. Whether you choose to wrap one vehicle or invest in fleet wraps for all your vehicles, impressive designs and compelling messages that cover the surface are sure to get noticed wherever you travel in Folsom, Sacramento, and beyond.

If you don’t want to invest in an entire advertising vehicle wrap, then partial wraps, lettering, and graphics are also a great choice. Instead of outfitting your entire vehicle in vinyl, these smaller approaches can communicate your logo and/or company messaging on select areas of the vehicle, such as the doors.

No matter your choice, our team at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics will work with you on the process. We can help when it comes to compelling designs and succinct messaging for your wraps. These elements are key to creating memorable content for your wraps that prospects will act on when they’re safely off the road.  

Sports Car Vinyl Wraps in Folsom, CA
Full Vehicle Wraps for Advertisement in Sacramento, CA

Why Choose Custom Vehicle Wraps?

The key to success with vinyl wraps is a custom approach. At 4 Directions Signs & Graphics, we believe this personalization is what will set your wraps apart in Folsom, Sacramento, and beyond. Our approach considers your company’s unique branding and the shape of your vehicle. This allows us to design and install wraps that align with your logo, fonts, and color scheme, as well as the lines and contours of your vehicle. 

4 Directions Signs & Graphics in Folsom: Your Partner for Vinyl Wraps

At 4 Directions Signs & Graphics, we look forward to being your partner for not only wraps but all your company’s signage needs. We design and install a wide array of signs for both indoors and outdoors, in addition to vehicle wraps.

For all these signage needs, you’ll appreciate the process we use, which is both consultative and fulsome. We will begin with a consultation where we get to know your company and which type(s) of signage solutions can help achieve your desired goals. From there, we manage all aspects of design, creation, installation, maintenance, and repair. With our approach, you can continue to focus on your business while we handle your sign-making.

For a trusted partner in vehicle wraps, indoor signs, and outdoor signs, simply contact us and request a quote. 

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