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Digital marketing has taken the world by storm. However, traditional marketing is still proven to be effective and necessary, especially for brick and mortar businesses.Custom outdoor building signage is displayed outside the establishment and serves as identification for your company. It comes in a variety of types and formats, such as banners, hanging signs, awning signs, wall murals, channel letters, door signs, and more. 

These signs are cost-effective since you don’t have to rent slots or pay for campaigns and screen time. You can have them personalized to suit your business type and target demographic. 

A research conducted by FedEx revealed that 76% of consumers visited a store they never knew existed because of a sign. It also notes that 75 % recommended a business to their family, friends, and colleagues based on a sign alone.


Creating brand awareness and reinforcement is one of the main purposes of having an Outdoor Building Signage. Display your name, logo, slogan, and other aspects that you want to associate with the brand.


Through Custom Outdoor Building Signage, your business can claim the location. In effect, people can use that as a landmark and give the company more exposure.

Competitive advantage

Pique the interest of your target market and stand out against competitors through exterior signs. It’s important that you’re able to highlight what makes your business different or special. You can also incorporate fun and interesting text and graphics to further entice customers.

Influence purchase decisions

Display special promos, new releases, and limited-time offers to encourage last-minute shopping. However, you can simply feature your most popular or best-selling products and services so that consumers can remember your brand when they need it in the future.

Inform customers


Exterior signs guide potential customers on important matters that they need to know. Some examples are store hours, notices on private events, construction announcements, and directions.

Our Company

4 Directions Signs & Graphics is among the top full-service sign companies in California. We serve businesses located in and around Folsom, CA. We take pride in not only creating and installing, but also designing and repairing outdoor business signage.

We want to help your business achieve its marketing goals through our custom signs, which is why go really go the extra mile to understand what you want and need, and produce a sign that successfully matches that.

Through strategic planning, we’re able to complete projects right on schedule, every time. We also take pride in only using the best materials and equipment in the market, as well as modern techniques to ensure consistency in the quality of our signs.

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