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Promote inclusivity in your business with ADA compliant signs. This signage encompasses many typesof signs, including bathroom signs, room identification signs, door signs, and more options. With this signage in your establishment, you can avoid penalties and ensure that individuals of all abilities will be able to navigate through your facility.

There are many considerations when it comes to ADA compliant signs. This includes their placement along with design elements relating to font, color, images, and more. Plus, there are various signage materials to work with so that they can tie into your business interior, while still being compliant with the regulations.

If this is your first time crafting these signs, you will need to work with an ADA sign company that is well-versed inADA signs. In Folsom, CA, that company is 4 Directions Signs & Graphics. Our well-trained team understands the regulations set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You can rely on us to create ADA signs that are compliant.

Abiding by the regulations is key to preventing costly infractions. However, ensuring everyone feels welcome and included within your business is even more critical. Reach out to us for a complimentary quote on ADA signs in Folsom. 

Promote Your Brand with ADA Braille Office Signs.

What are ADA Compliant Signs?

– ADA compliant means that a sign conforms to the regulations set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Act ensures equal access for all persons to key resources. That includes the ability to navigate buildings, for people with disabilities.

Virtually all commercial buildings are required to include ADA compliant signs.

Breaches of the Act can result in costly fines.

The Act’s definition of a commercial building is broad in scope. It includes “businesses that are generally open to the public,” and can include “restaurants, movie theaters, schools, day care facilities, recreation facilities, and doctors’ offices.”

The ADA also requires “newly constructed or altered places of public accommodation” to meet the Act’s standards. Ask the experts at 4 Directions for help meeting all applicable requirements! 

Types Of ADA Compliant Signs

4 Directions can use a variety of techniques to ensure your signs are ADA compliant and readable by people with visual impairments. Some of these techniques are: 

High Contrast Signage: To achieve high contrast, you can use color combinations such as: black lettering on a white background; yellow lettering on a black background; and so on.

Tactile Characters: This category includes raised-character signs, which use alphabetical characters, and Braille signs, which use a special series of dots designed to be read by human fingertips.

Compliant ADA Signs
Wayfinding ADA Signs
4 Directions offers considerable expertise in designing and producing ADA signage that fully complies with the Act’s requirements. ADA signs can include: Wayfinding signs (e.g. elevators, washrooms, common areas, etc.). Exit signs. Room occupancy signs. Parking signs. Door signs.

Buildings That Require ADA Braille Signs

There’s a misconception that only public institutions and/or very large businesses are under an onus to comply with ADA regulations. This simply isn’t true! The list of buildings that must offer ADA signs is extensive, and includes (but isn’t limited to) the following:

– Bars and pubs.
– Civic centers.
– Hotels.
– Manufacturing plants.
– Municipal buildings.
– School campuses.
– Restaurants.
– Warehouses.

Fitting Room Custom ADA Sign
ADA Compliant Signs

What Types Of Signs Are Required?

At a minimum, your building must include signs that indicate: any permanent rooms; the current floor; the locations of stairs and exits; where the elevators are located; the location of restrooms and, if applicable, accessible restrooms.

Importance of ADA Signs

Installing signs that are ADA compliant in your premises state two things, you follow the law and, you care about the people who are disabled. As a business owner whether you are new to the business world or you are running an established empire, you should be aware of ADA guidelines. Having ADA Braille signs installed all over your property makes it easier for everyone to navigate without any confusion. Typically, people ask about directions from anyone nearby, but in some cases, it might get difficult for a person with a disability to do so. There is another aspect too if your building or retail store is well equipped with ADA signs it will attract more customers, as people with disabilities find it hard to find places with proper accessibility. If you can provide a positive environment for all your customers, it will certainly make a huge impact on your brand’s image.

ADA parking signs
Lobby Sign

Should All Business Signs be ADA Compliant?

Some signs do not have to be ADA compliant. Signs that are used for advertising purposes, that are not placed in public areas, address signs, signs that denote business name and address, temporary signs, emergency exits are fine without ADA compliance. In general, it is suggested that all indoor signs should be ADA compliant as they create a better décor when they all look similar.

Your Trusted Partner for Custom ADA Signs

When crafting ADA compliant signage, it is still possible to have them reflect your brand. Our team can work with you to incorporate custom signage elements, where possible, that complement your company. You can rely on our team to handle your signage projects while you continue to focus on your business. That’s why we pride ourselves in being your trusted signage partner.

On top of this, we are a full-service sign company that will see you through the entire signage process. From design and creation through to installation and maintenance, we will handle all aspects of sign creation. We know that placement and installation are just as critical as the design components when it comes to ADA signs. You can rest assured that our team will consider all these factors as part of your signage project. 

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