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What Interior Signs Say About Your Business

Some interior signs are necessary, they can help with wayfinding, while others boost sales or draw attention to new products. No matter the purpose, every interior sign you have says something about your business. It makes an impression on your customer, that they associate with you. This can either be a huge benefit to you, or it could slowly erode your brand image. Let’s discuss what interior signs may say about your business.

Your Brand Values

Perhaps the most obvious, customers will perceive your custom interior signs as representing your brand values. While every sign does this to some extent, the lobby sign is the most classic example. A custom lobby sign can reflect your brand’s honesty, freshness, innovation, or reliability. A poorly designed lobby sign may send the wrong impression about your brand, so consider getting an outside perspective on what your lobby sign really says.

Your Quality and Attention to Detail

Are your indoor signs dusty, chipped or damaged? Is the lighting in your LED signs broken? Do your door signs list the wrong name or title for the person behind the door? These small details may not seem important to you, but they give off an impression to your customer. When your sign quality is low, they may assume your brand is poor quality or your company doesn’t pay attention to the little details. Having accurate signage that is in good condition is necessary, not a bonus.

Your Understanding of Customer Perspective

Customers need to know that you relate to them and that you understand their perspective. Wayfinding signs and directory signs have a special role in showing the customer you understand them. Signs that are unclear and confusing make a customer feel that you’re not paying much attention to how they feel on your property.

Clear signs that help customers find their way or give them helpful information make customers feel that you understand and will go out of your way to help them. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to create wayfinding signs that are clear to newcomers.

Say Something New with Your Interior Signs 

If you’ve identified an interior sign that doesn’t say what you want it to, it’s time to reach out to 4 Directions Signs & Graphics. We create custom interior signs that truly reflect your business and make your customers feel welcome. Get started with us today and receive a free quote.

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