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Lobby Signs: Create a Welcoming Environment

The environment that your customer, or client, first steps into is as important as how your receptionist greets them. Most companies in Folsom and Sacramento understand that a cold, beige, uninteresting lobby isn’t very welcoming, so they go out of their way to make it more beautiful, warm, and interesting.

Not all brands take their lobby space to the next level by branding it with a lobby sign. If you don’t, you’re missing a big opportunity to make your lobby more welcoming and ensure that your customer gets a positive impression of you from the very start. Here’s what you need to know about these and their impact on your lobby space.

Lobby Sign Materials

There are a range of materials that you can use for an office lobby sign. Your choice of material is important because it helps to determine your cost, the overall feel of the sign, and how much it will stand out on the wall. Some materials can also lend a special emphasis to certain brands. For example, a metal sign may best reflect your stability and trustworthiness as a brand. Or, a vinyl sign might reflect your relatable, approachable persona.

Lobby Sign Design Ideas

Of course, you want your custom lobby
signage to reflect your branding, so that customers make the connection between your brand and their experience in your lobby. Your sign should include your colors, font, and potentially other elements of your branding, but they don’t determine all of the design choices you have for the sign. Other design choices include:

  • Lighting: You can choose to add lights to your lobby sign to make it more impactful. Lights can be internal, front-lit, or back-lit, all of which have different effects on your sign and the viewer.
  • Composition: Should your logo and your slogan be a part of the sign? Should they be above, below, or beside your brand name? The composition of the sign is important to its overall looks.
  • Size:  How large or small should your sign be? Much of the size will be determined by the size of your lobby and where you want the sign to go.

Choose a Lobby Sign from 4 Directions Signs & Graphics

4 Directions Signs & Graphics has made many compelling office lobby signs for clients in Folsom and Sacramento. We know how to help you get the custom lobby signage you need to make your lobby a more welcoming space, and one that makes a better impression on your customer.  Speak to a sign specialist now to get started on your lobby sign.

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