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Learn How Custom Lobby Signage Catches and Keeps Your Customers’ Attention

It only takes a few moments to create the first impression. A sharp-looking interior lobby sign can help ensure your Folsom company makes a great one.

When guests arrive at your facility, creating a winning outlook is key. This connection can be critical in ensuring customers have a positive opinion of your company and decide to do business with you. Signage in your lobby can also help promote your products and services to increase sales.

Here’s how various types of lobby signs can support you in these areas, so you’ll catch your customer’s attention and boost your business.

Greet Guests Upon Arrival Using Interior Lobby Signs

A prominent sign in your lobby is sure to stand out and provide a warm welcome. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creative ways to use signage to greet guests when they arrive.

For example, floor signage immediately when they enter can display a welcome greeting or your company logo. Behind your reception desk, dimensional letters can add a 3D quality to your business name. Wall graphics can transform blank spaces into works of art, and hanging signs can take advantage of height within your facility for maximum impact in sharing your brand message.

Provide Helpful Information for Customers

Directory information, wayfinding, and other details may all be key information that your customers need at a certain moment. Providing this information upfront will position your company as one that cares about its customer experience. If there are important details that your guests need to know, consider how signage in your lobby could be communicating this from the get-go.

Tell Your Company Story Using Office Lobby Signs

The walls in your lobby can be transformed with wall graphics and murals that share your brand story. A timeline of events and/or details about your honors and awards can also be crafted with various types of office lobby signs. That way, if customers need to spend a moment in your waiting area, they can learn more about what sets your business apart.

Boost Your Brand Presence with Lobby Signs

From the moment customers arrive at your business, there is an opportunity to promote your offerings. Stylish business signs can be used to display details about your products and services to entice prospects and inform their purchases.

For example, consider how restaurant signage can be used to display menu features to diners waiting for a table, and hotel signs can announce details about deals, amenities, and events that guests may find appealing.

For support in bringing these and other signage ideas to life in Folsom, reach out to 4 Directions Signs & Graphics. Our well-trained team is well-versed in a wide range of signage solutions that will help you catch your customer’s attention and boost your business image.

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