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How Interactive Wayfinding Signage Improves Customer Experience

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Have you ever stood in front of a huge directory sign in Folsom or Sacramento and felt a little lost? Signs that list dozens or hundreds of offices, stores, or other locations are often more overwhelming than they are helpful. The issue is your customer or guests may need all that information in order to find what they are looking for. So how do you make the sign a little easier to use so that your customer feels welcome and at ease? Use interactive wayfinding signage.

Display a Map to Guide Customers

In complex, busy properties, such as malls, your customers may be a little overwhelmed, especially if it is their first visit. Few will bother with paper maps, but a visual guide will be helpful. You can use a custom wayfinding sign to reveal a map of the property. On a digital sign, you can even have software to generate the best route for your customer.

Narrow Down Information for Your Customer

Are there many different businesses, offices or units in your property? Customers might be overwhelmed, trying to scan through so many listings. Give them the opportunity to narrow down the information with a digital sign. You can choose how to present the information best. For example, for apartment buildings, you can narrow down the listings by the first letter of the renter’s last name. In malls, type of store might be most helpful. In medical offices, it could be type of doctor.

Quickly Reference Key Features of Your Facility

What if people need to find a bathroom, or an emergency exit? Some of these digital signs can be set up to quickly show the closest bathroom or emergency exit with just the touch of a button. This can dramatically improve your customer’s experience in the building. Plus, the signs demonstrate that you care about your customer’s ease of access to these key features.

Don’t Forget Your ADA Directional Signs

As they can’t have braille, your interactive wayfinding signage isn’t enough to meet ADA requirements. You may need to add several ADA directional signs to support your interactive sign.

Choose Us for Custom Sign Solutions

Custom wayfinding signs are essential for your business to welcome and direct customers. Is a digital sign right for you? Or, do you need to make sure that you have enough ADA directional signs to avoid the penalties? Whatever you need, if you’re in Folsom and Sacramento, contact us at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics.

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