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Get that Upsell with Well Placed Office Lobby Signs

Upselling refers to a sales technique that encourages customers to buy an upgraded item or add-on at a higher price. For an additional cost, a customer can receive a comparable item of increased quality or size or an extra add-on.

You may be familiar with this tactic when restaurants ask if you would like to upsize your coffee from a medium to a large or add a muffin to your breakfast order — by spending a bit more.

Restaurants are not alone when it comes to upselling. It can be used across many lines of business, such as retail, travel and tourism, technology, and more. In all of these lines of business, custom lobby signs are a powerful tool that can help with upselling. When well placed, they can educate customers and guide their buying process.

Showcase Product or Service Details

Office lobby signs, or lobby signage in other types of businesses, might seem static, but they’re actually key members of your sales team. Instead of using signs to simply list available products and services, consider highlighting their features and benefits.

For example, a gas station might offer three different kinds of car washes. However, detailing the features of each wash on custom lobby signs can position a deluxe wash more favorably than a simple rinse.

Why does this work? Your employees may not have time to explain the details of each car wash to customers. Your signage will ease this burden and help guide customers in choosing a higher-priced offering on their own.

Promote New Offerings

Some customers need an extra nudge to alert them to new or seasonal products. Perhaps they aren’t following you on social media or haven’t stopped by in a while. You can use reception and lobby signs to let them know what’s new.

In a pizza parlor, this could mean highlighting the addition of a new premium topping or crust to your menu. The upsell could add a few dollars to each customer’s order and bring in additional revenue.

How to Create Compelling Lobby Signs?

First impressions happen quickly in business. While interior office lobby signs, or other kinds of lobby signage, may have a primary goal to upsell, they’re also contributing to a customer’s thoughts about your brand.

Reception and lobby signs can take on many formats, sizes, and materials. However, one fact remains consistent: only professional signs will get noticed for the right reasons. For them to be an effective sales tool when it comes to upselling, it’s important to work with a professional sign shop that will create signs to deliver on your objective.

Looking for Lobby Signs in Folsom?

4 Directions Signs & Graphics helps businesses in Folsom create professional signs that command attention. We can also take sign creation one step further by offering a customized approach that reflects your brand’s logos, fonts, and colors for maximum effect.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner in creating lobby signs, contact us for a complimentary quote.

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