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5 Reasons Window Graphics Cannot Be Ignored

Window graphics and decals are a great option for any business that needs to place new signs in exciting new locations. Your business should not ignore window decals, because they have two unique features no other sign can match, and three more big benefits that help you make the most of your sign budget. Here’s what you need to know about window graphics.

1. Flexibility

Window graphics can be applied to any glass surface. That gives them a lot of flexibility to go anywhere you need them, whether it’s a storefront, a glass wall in your office, or a tiny window. Vinyl graphics don’t take up the space that some other sign options would in this area, keeping your space more flexible overall.

2. Customizable

Window decals are completely customizable in shape, color, image and font. You can print off a life-size version of your product to place in your storefront window. Or, you can use storefront graphics that are just text to announce your company’s hours and other information.

3. Cost-Effective

Compared to many other sign types, window graphics are cost-effective and high value. Cost depends on the size and type of vinyl you are using of course. However, even small window decals will make an impression on anyone who walks by, but they don’t need to be powered (unlike lit signs) or maintained. They just work, for as long as you want them to and for much less money than a monument sign or a pole sign.

4. Re-usable

If you’re done with your seasonal promotion, you can peel off your window graphic announcing it and store the graphic. Next time you’re offering that promotion, bring out the graphic and stick it back on again. You can change out your graphics as much as you want, without damaging the glass behind them.

5. Uniquely One-Sided

Vinyl graphics can be made one-sided, which means they are only viewable from one side. This is especially useful for storefront graphics, where you don’t want customers seeing a backwards version of the graphic once they are inside the store. One-sided graphics let light in and keep your impactful sign on the outside.

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