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Window Graphics: Types & Benefits

Window graphics are a proven way to grab the attention of people passing by your establishment and for a good reason. People naturally notice storefront window graphics because they are often designed in an attractive way, or are used to promote services or new products that companies would like to advertise. That being said, many businesses advertise with vinyl window graphics, so how can you set yourself apart?

At 4 Directions Signs & Graphics, we offer answers to the questions that business owners have. How can I use signage to expand my business? We have helped many businesses in Folsom, CA stand out with high-quality, unique graphics and signage. We can do the same for you by offering you up signage solutions that work.

Separate Yourself From The Pack with Well-Made Window Graphics

The best way to separate yourself from your competition is to understand how to properly use the top 5 types of window graphics. Once you know the strength of each one, you can start planning your advertising campaign.

1. Vinyl Window Decals

These are your go-to window graphics. You can have them cut into custom sizes and shapes. They stick to your window with an adhesive and they are easy to install and remove. You can have a complex design, keep it simple and have vinyl lettering that spells out your business’s name and contact information.

2. Frosted Window Graphics

Frosted graphics are a popular choice because they look sleek and professional. Many businesses use these indoors, often as lobby or office signs. You can even have an entire window covered in frosted window film to create privacy for a room.

3. Clear Window Graphics

Having clear decals is a way to blend your visual design seamlessly with the window. It looks as if the window itself has a printed design on it. The advantage to using these instead of having your glass printed on is they can easily be removed when you are done and they leave no damage to your window.

4. Perforated Window Decals

These are the only type of graphics you can see through. This is perfect for a storefront window if you wish to still have visibility out beyond your storefront. From the outside though, they appear to work as any other type of graphic. That’s what makes them so useful!

5. Window Clings

The advantage of using a window cling is that they do not require any adhesive at all. This could be necessary if you or an employee has an allergy to adhesives or if you are worried about any sticky residue being left on your window after they are removed.

Consider these commercial window graphics and think about which one would be best for your business. When you are ready to decide, give us a call.

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Message us or call us at 1-916- 740-1180 to set up a consultation today. Discover the power of window graphics, and increase your foot traffic and revenue.

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