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3 Tips to Create Stunning Vehicle Lettering

Commercial vehicle wraps and graphics

Your company’s fleet could be used as a mobile marketing tool. Whether vehicles are parked or travelling on the road, custom car and truck lettering will showcase your brand to the community. Many Folsom and Sacramento businesses are outfitting their fleets with vinyl lettering that commands attention.

If you’re considering adding vinyl vehicle lettering to your fleet, read on for three essential tips from the expert team at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics.

1. Keep Messages Simple

Motorists need to keep their eyes on the road. If they pass your fleet, they only have a quick second to read messages on a vehicle. A short slogan or phrase will perform best and allow people to read it fast. Avoid publishing a list of services on your vehicle or a paragraph of text.

When it comes to vehicle lettering “near me”, less is more.

2. Include a Call to Action

Part of your short and simple messaging should include a call to action. Whether you include a phone number, website or Instagram handle, there should be a way for customers to contact you. Again, seconds count when making an impression on the road. So, it’s best to include a contact method that people can easily read and remember that way they’ll follow up when they’ve safely reached their destination.

3. Make it Eye-Catching

Vehicle letters are completely customizable. This means you can take full advantage of eye-popping colors, fonts and imagery that tie into your brand. Interactive designs that make use of color perform best. Simple black lettering on a white background is easy to read but it likely won’t catch a second glance on a busy highway.

Make sure your lettering stands out but also ties into your business’ existing brand strategy.

Contact 4 Directions Signs & Graphics for Custom Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

At 4 Directions Signs & Graphics, we have years of experience working with Sacramento & Folsom businesses on custom vinyl lettering for cars and trucks. We use UV resistant and waterproof vinyl with the adhesive that won’t damage a vehicle’s siding. The vinyl is durable and made to last without fading or cracks. Best of all, our team takes care of everything from conceptualization to design, installation and any maintenance you may require.

Contact us today to discuss custom options for your fleet and ask about receiving a free quote.

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