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Your Business Deserves A Perfect Lobby Sign, Here’s How You Can Get It

Custom Lobby Signs
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Your business can benefit from a custom lobby sign to impress customers, brand your lobby area, and create a better customer experience. Afterall, the lobby is where people begin their journey with your business. Both the beginning and the end of your customers’ experience matter, so your lobby sign must do a lot of work. Designing the best lobby sign for you isn’t always easy. Here are our best tips to design your custom reception sign.

Start in Your LobbyYou may have a lot of ideas about what your reception sign should be, but they should all be grounded in the physical space of your lobby and how you can improve its looks and feel. The sign should match your brand, your lobby décor. We suggest you start brainstorming ideas for your custom reception sign in the lobby itself

Measure Your Spot & Think About Electricity

Where should your new reception sign go? Think about placing your sign somewhere your customer will naturally look, where it can be a focal point of the space. You may also consider if the sign can be easily connected to your electrical grid from the spot you’ve chosen. Last, measure the spot to be sure your sign design will fit.

Decide on The Elements of The Sign

Your reception sign should be representative of your brand. But, which elements of your brand? Your colors, logo, company name, slogan? It all depends on how large the lobby sign will be, and what kind of impression you want to make. It’s best not to make a sign too complicated. Our sign designers can help you find the perfect balance.

Think Outside the Box

While you already have your branding determined, there are other elements of the sign that you can be more creative with. Shape, lighting, material and other sign elements can make your custom reception sign really stand out. If you’re stuck for ideas, look for inspiration online, including in our gallery.

Work with The Right Company

To get the perfect lobby sign design you need to work with a designer who cares about your business understands it, and knows what makes a lobby sign work. Let 4 Directions Signs and Graphics design, manufacture and install a custom reception sign that you and your customers are thrilled to see. Reach out to us today to get started.

4 Directions Signs & Graphics

4 Directions Signs & Graphics

The 4 Directions Signs & Graphics team is dedicated to creating custom indoor and outdoor signs that boost brand awareness and speak to our clients’ target audiences. As a full-service signage company, we guarantee our quality products and workmanship. Our clients’ satisfaction is important, which is why we offer a variety of signage services to support our clients’ needs. From design and creation, to installation and repair/maintenance, our expert team can do it all.

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