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Why Outdoor Building Signs Are Great for Grabbing Your Customers’ Attention

Outdoor Building Signs Folsom
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When you need to get the word out about an event, get more foot traffic in the door, or just make a bigger impression with your brand, turn to outdoor building signage. There are many outdoor custom sign types that can help you grab your customer’s attention. Why choose outdoor signs over other ways to spread your message? Here are a few ways that outdoor signs can help you stand out.

Bold Color

No matter what material you choose for your outdoor sign, you can get a bold color that helps your building stand out from those around it. Banners can have full-color graphics printed onto them. LEDs can create all shades of color, and plastic signs are as customizable as you want.


Speaking of LEDs, you have a lot of lighting options when it comes to your sign. Choose from traditional incandescent, retro neon, and modern LEDs. You can also choose how the sign will be lit. Your options include back-lit, halo lighting, flood lighting, and more, depending on your sign type.

Complex Messages

Wouldn’t it be nice to have space on your sign for a sentence? You can, with a monument sign or with outdoor digital signage. Signs that have the room to say something interesting or intriguing can catch the attention of customers like nothing else. Outdoor digital signage isn’t much more expensive than a monument sign to maintain and is visible at night.

A Sign For Every Location

Another great aspect aboutoutdoor business signs is that there’s a type for every property. No matter if you have no lawn space, have too much, or border a sidewalk, you can find the right kind of sign to catch attention.

  • Fascia signs: From channel letter to awning signs, you can adorn your building with all kinds of eye-catching messages.
  • A-frame signs: Near a sidewalk? In a tourist area? Then A-frame signs are a wise choice.
  • Monument signs: Far back from the road? A monument sign or pylon sign can help you be seen.
  • Post and panel signs: These signs can be any size and are very versatile with placement.
  • Banners: No lawn space? Announce openings and sales with a banner you can hang on your building.

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