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Why is it Important to Follow Color Contrast Rules for ADA Signs?

You can help ensure your business is welcoming to all individuals by creating signage that adheres to guidelines in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Virtually all commercial buildings are required to include ADA-compliant signs, and breaches can result in costly fines.

There are many requirements for these signs to ensure they support everyone in your business. This includes rules for their placement, text, sizing, colors, and more. Colors, specifically, need to be high contrast to help individuals distinguish between the sign’s background and its text.

Before we take a closer look at the color contrast rules for custom ADA signs, it’s important to first understand what these signs are all about.

What are ADA Signs?

You likely interact with several of these signs each day in various types of buildings. This may include wayfinding signs that point towards elevators or restrooms, as well as exit signs and parking signs. You may find them adhered to walls, doors, and staircases in many types of businesses such as restaurants, schools, hotels, and more locations.

Why ADA Signs are Important for Businesses?

Whether you are a new business or a seasoned establishment, it’s important to be aware of ADA guidelines for your signage. This will show customers and guests that you’re following the law and making your business inclusive to everyone.

With ADA braille signs and other ADA varieties, you can help visitors navigate through your location and improve their experience. This can translate into a positive brand experience, positioning your business well among prospects and guests.

What Are the Color Contrast Rules for Compliant ADA Signs?

To ensure that individuals with certain visual impairments can better see and understand your sign’s messaging, ADA guidelines outline color contrast rules. They specify that a 70 percent contrast is required between your characters/symbols and the sign’s background. The guidelines also note that the background should have a non-glare, non-reflective finish.

Some examples of high-contrast color combinations include:

  • Black on a white background.
  • Black on a yellow background.
  • White on a blue background.
  • White on a black background.

Looking for ADA Sign-Makers in Folsom?

At 4 Directions Signs & Graphics, our team has expertise in designing and producing ADA signage that is compliant with the regulations. We can help you meet the applicable requirements when creating your signs, which will help support your customers and guests — along with your business as a whole.

Contact our team in Folsom for more details on creating ADA signs, and we’ll give you a complimentary quote.

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