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What Do I Need to Know About Custom Directional Signage?

Whether you refer to them as wayfinding or directional signage, they can be used to benefit your business. Put simply, they are a type of signage that can provide directions and help people from getting lost within your business location.

If you’re looking to improve the customer experience, keep reading. Below is everything you need to know about directional signs.

What is Directional Signage?

Consider the last time you were in a large retail store, arena, or office complex. It’s likely that you were looking for one specific area within that establishment. It could have been a certain aisle in the store, the restrooms at the arena, or even the elevator in the office. If you saw signs that helped guide you, it’s likely they were directional signs.

These signs exist to make it easy for guests and customers to find their way around a business. They can be simpler than a map and often don’t require lengthy explanations. Some of these signs may be critical, such as those that point to an exit, while others may cater to your business. For example, in a clothing store, you may choose to point customers towards a sale section or best-selling item.

How Can My Business Use Wayfinding Signs?

You can incorporate many elements into your signs to help direct people. Arrows, words, symbols, or a combination of these can help. Your choice may vary depending on the nature of your business and layout. However, it’s best to be consistent in your choice across all signs.

Your signs can help to create a customer-friendly environment where people can find their way safely and easily. This can help them to feel relaxed while they do business with you and contribute to a positive experience. If you’ve ever wandered through a business, then you know just how helpful custom directional signage can be.

Are Custom Wayfinding Signs Important?

The short answer is yes. When you work with a professional sign shop, your signs can be designed to match your brand. This means incorporating custom logos, fonts, colors, and images that tie into your marketing. Custom wayfinding signs will improve your business’s interior and create a cohesive look for your space.

Who Should I Contact for Wayfinding Signs in Folsom?

4 Directions Signs & Graphics can assist with your signage needs. We provide clients in Folsom with a full-service signage experience. This includes taking you through all stages from conceptualization to creation, installation, and maintenance.

Our combination of high-quality signs, customer service, and expert team means you’ll receive quality signage that enhances your business.

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