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The Purpose of Building Directory Signs for Business

Outdoor directory signs

Create a warm welcome with building directory signage. Designed to list tenants in a building, these signs are common in many types of businesses. Office towers, shopping malls, and medical clinics are all shared spaces. With a directory, guests will be able to find which unit they need quickly.

Below, we outline how a directory in your lobby has many advantages.

Help Guests Find Their Way

Imagine being a tourist at a large hotel, museum, or resort. If it’s your first time arriving, you likely won’t know your way around. Lobby directory signs would be a tremendous asset. You might even learn about interesting features of the location you didn’t know existed.

Directories don’t need to be located only in the lobby. Many types of businesses have several throughout their location to assist guests throughout their visit.

Enhance Customer Experience

If guests arrive at your location and feel lost, chances are they won’t be happy. You can instantly improve their experience with office directory signs. Even if they’re in a rush, they will be able to scan the directory to find where they need to go. This will leave a positive impression and show guests that you care about their experience.

Provide Help 24-7

Some businesses don’t have lobby attendants available 24-7. Consider shopping malls or hospitals that don’t have a welcome desk at every entrance. Lobby directory signs can assist when your staff isn’t present. You can place them at entrances or even near the elevators and stairs. That way, no matter where guests arrive, signage will be there to guide them.

Improve Your Business’ Interior

Office directory signs are entirely custom. You can choose a one-, two-, or three-column design and sort tenants by name, location, or service type. No matter which design you choose, these signs don’t have to be boring.

When you work for a professional sign company like 4 Directions Signs & Graphics, you get a completely custom look. We’ll create a directory using personalized colors and fonts that tie into your brand.

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At 4 Directions Signs & Graphics, we create all types of signs for Folsom businesses, including indoor signs, outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, and more. Our team of designers can help you create a completely custom look so that your signs command attention. Best of all, we work with you in all steps of the sign-making process so that you get expert advice throughout.

If you’re looking for a directory or another sign for your business, contact us for a free quote.

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