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Do you have commercial vehicles driving in and around the roads of Sacramento? Do you or your employees use the company vehicle to come to work? If yes, vehicle wraps can help you capitalize on this opportunity by putting your brand name out there every day. Compared to other mediums of advertisement, custom vehicle wraps do not require a constant inflow of money to keep your business in front of your customers.

Vehicle wraps and graphics are printed on vinyl sheets that are bright, durable, and catchy. A good combination of attractive design, vibrant colors, and precise installation can make a positive impact on your brand’s reach and build trust with the customers. High-quality vinyl wraps and graphics provide a professional appearance to the business and builds trust among the customers.

Your Local Vinyl Wrap Shop in Sacramento, CA

4 Directions Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign maker that expertly produces all types of interior signs, vinyl car wraps, vehicle wraps, trade show displays, vinyl banner printing, LED signs, digital displays, and more to help businesses communicate effectively with customers, promote what they sell and solidify brand perception.

Everything we produce is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and quality finish that provides a premium appearance to the brand. Our designers will always take the time to understand your requirements before suggesting what might work best. No project is too big or too small for us, get in touch with us to get started.

Types of Vehicle Wraps We Offer in Sacramento

We offer only the best quality vinyl wraps for all your vehicles. Our high-quality 3M wraps are sturdy, durable, and cost-effective solutions for the long run that can help transform your cars permanently and semi-permanently. We offer the following types of car wraps:

Full-Body Wrap

The most effective forms of vehicle wraps, full-body wraps spread all across the outer body of a vehicle. The reason for their effectiveness is the presence of a bright and attractive vinyl wrap all over the vehicle that catches the attention of anyone passing by. Practically, they allow more space for designers to have more detailed design.

Partial Wrap

Only a part of the vehicle is wrapped with vinyl. They are often chosen by businesses that are not sure about the effectiveness of vehicle wraps or are running short on budget. In any case, they still are an option that excels at dramatically increasing your daily impressions. With partial vehicle wraps, you can get the benefits of a full wrap without paying the full price. These wraps are widely popular in heavy vehicles such as trucks, RVs, and boats.  

Vehicle Graphics & Decals

For brands that are established at a level where customers can be reminded of them by just looking at their logo or tagline, vehicle decals or vehicle lettering are a good alternative. They are the most affordable choice out of the three types. Vehicle graphics can be customized in any color and design and display complex logos for branding your vehicles. They can be easily installed and removed as per your preference. 

Benefits of Getting Vehicle Wraps

Every business looks for opportunities to market its brand to its audience in a cost-effective manner. Whether you own commercial trucks, vans, cars, or trailers, having vinyl wraps on all vehicles will help your brand stand out and create a long-lasting impression. Here’s how vinyl vehicle wraps can benefit your business:

  • Make your vehicles stand out on the road with our custom wraps. Wrapped vehicles draw more attention on the road, so your products and brand will likely get more attention than traditional advertising methods. 
  • Reach a larger audience segment with car wraps. These mobile advertising methods will help you connect with new people every day. 
  • Achieve better results without direct effort. This type of advertising is a more subtle form of targeting people. Your audience won’t feel like they are being attacked by advertisers. 
  • Save money with cost-effective, customizable wraps that are a one-time cost and last for several years. Unlike other advertising methods that charge per click or campaign, car wraps are an affordable alternative.

Want to get the most out of our wraps? Visit our location in Sacramento, CA to get high-quality wraps for your vehicles. 

What Type of Vehicles Can be Wrapped?

No matter the type of vehicles in your fleet, we offer high-quality wraps for all your commercial vehicles. Our wrap options include:

  • Car wraps: The vehicle-advertising trend is gaining massive popularity. You can get custom vinyl car wraps that display your brand and make it noticeable to the public. 
  • Truck wraps: Trucks have a larger surface area that can be wrapped than cars. So, with custom-designed wraps, trucks will have a powerful and striking effect on the audience.
  • Trailer wraps: If your vehicle fleet includes trailers, you can get them wrapped with eye-catching graphics and colors that will make your brand recognizable from miles away.
  • Van wraps: Using partial or full wraps, you can utilize the blank canvas of your vans and create a valuable advertising strategy with limited financial resources. 

Talk to Us for Your Next Vehicle Wrap in Sacramento, CA

4 Directions Signs & Graphics is a one-stop-shop for all your signage requirements in Sacramento. When it comes to vehicle wraps, like many others, we do not follow predefined designs and always hone a unique design that is exclusive for your business. We will always deliver what’s right for your brand.

We pay attention to small details to ensure your vehicles represent what your brand wants to convey. Our full-service signage company with its location in Sacramento, CA, provides best-in-class customer service to support and satisfy all our clients. 

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