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Your Maintenance and Care Guide for Office Signs

Most office signs are easy to maintain, as they are made with high-quality materials by professionals. Businesses want visitors or customers to enter at any point and know that their signage is vibrant, professional, and visually appealing.

To make this goal happen, many signs can be crafted with protective measures, such as clear coatings, laminates on acrylic office signs, or a UV protective layer for your vinyl office wall graphics to ensure they do not fade from exposure to the sun.

However, most signs also require basic maintenance to guarantee they are in tip-top shape. This can become part of your regular monthly cleaning schedule, and we will show you precisely how to do it correctly in this blog!

Cleaning Practices: Indoor Signs vs. Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs face harsher conditions compared to interior office signs. This is why these signs are built with stronger, more durable materials. By helping you choose weather-resistant materials, such as aluminum, a professional signage company will ensure your signs look sharp and legible.

For interior office signs, the maintenance process is traditionally simpler, as the signage does not experience as much weathering. Often dust, fingerprints, and grime are the biggest culprits, which only require a water and gentle soap solution and a soft cloth to fix.

  • Caring for Your Vinyl Signage
    Vinyl signs do not require much maintenance; a simple dusting or the occasional cleaning with a gentle soap and water solution will keep your office wall graphics looking bright.
    However, if these vinyl signs are installed in a position that undergoes continuous sun exposure, their colors will begin to fade and the edges will start to peel. We recommend installing them in a place where they experience minimal sunlight.
  • Provide Specialized Attention to Specific Signs
    Ensure that all the signs in your business look well-maintained by understanding which types require extra attention or specialized cleaning practices. Browse the following sign types to learn more about their personal maintenance needs:
  • Lobby Signs
    Your lobby signs are often the first signs seen by visitors when entering your building, which means they are responsible for any first impressions made. This emphasizes the need to ensure they look immaculate!
    Given lobby signs are installed in high-traffic areas, they are at greater risk for fingerprints, dust, and scratches. Lightly buff out scratches, depending on the material used, wipe away fingertips, and use a cloth to rid your signage of any dust. Going the extra mile to ensure your reception signs always look respectable means giving your business the chance to make a memorable impression.
  • Digital Signs
    In a world that relies on digitization for efficiency, having a malfunctioning digital office sign conveys the wrong message to employees and customers alike.
    For specific industries, such as financial institutions, software businesses, or commercial corporations, problems with your digital signage can instill worry or doubt in customers regarding your capabilities. While signage is such a small, simple component of your overall business, it’s one that reflects on your reputation, as it is a representative of your brand.

To address any malfunctions or digital issues, call 4 Directions Signs and Graphics. Our sign specialists can reconcile these issues and get your digital office signs up and running again in no time.

Decorate Your Office With High-Quality Signage and Create a Beautiful Environment

With the help of a professional signage company, like 4 Directions Signs and Graphics, we will outfit your building with innovative office signs, as well as provide ongoing support with maintenance and upkeep. Our team is always ready to provide our clients with any support or assistance they need, as we believe in fostering ongoing, strong relationships.

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