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Dimensional Letters and Signs

Leap off the wall with dimensional letters and dimensional signs. These gorgeous products consist of three-dimensional letters, custom cut for your unique business name and logo. When they are created to be 3-dimensional, signs inherently stand out to the viewer. The dept of the lettering creates instant interest and adds life to your design. The 3D dimensional letters are mounted to showcase your business or identify a specific location within your workspace. Installation can be done in several ways to create different effects and can be made from a variety of materials to create a truly customized look. Use dimensional letters and sign to put your company brands at centre of attention but in a creative and enticing way.

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Dimensional letters and signs are great alternative to traditional signages. These letters and signs are often called 3D letters or raised letters. Which is unlit lettering or designs that are applied to the surface in order to create raised images. This is done by the team at 4 Direction Signs and Graphics who uses either cast, mold, fabricated, or cut from solid materials to achieve this effect. Dimensional letters offer what many Canadian business owners are looking for; visibility, durability, smart and professional appeal.

Whether you run a restaurant, hospital, boutique, office, bank, etc., our 4 Direction Signs and Graphics dimensional letters, are well custom designed and made to ensure the sign looks great on your building or storefront. We will make sure to use the best materials in the market so that once we install your dimensional letters or signs, you won’t have to keep worrying about them. Our team can also help take care of the sign maintenance for you! That way your dimensional letters or signs stay clean, highly visible so that it helps to expand your advertising reach.

More importantly, dimensional letters or signs are also effective in attracting the attention of passing drivers. Customers typically engage with your signs for a mere second before deciding to turn in or keep driving. So, eye-catching letter is of the utmost importance!

3D signs can help your business stand out from other surrounding signs, colours and textures. No matter the size of your business or whether you need signs to tastefully complement its surroundings or stand out with a bang, dimensional letters or signs are a solution that can draw attention with originality and style

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