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Impress Your Customers with Window and Wall Graphics

If your business is in a modern space, you likely have more windows than you know what to do with. Windows can bring light and fresh air into your store or office, but they can also bring in customers if you make the most of the. Window graphics and wall graphics positioned behind your windows catch the eye of anyone outside and generate interest in your business and promotions.

In fact, you should consider window and wall graphics because they share three big advantages that many other sign types can’t offer. Each advantage will help you impress your customer.

1. Versatile

You can print any design, in any color on both window graphics and wall graphics. Choose any color palette that works with your brand or let 4 Direction Sign’s designers suggest something new for your latest promotion. Unlike many other sign types, wall graphics and window graphics create detailed, vivid images that can transport your customer.

This versatility is often used to its fullest potential in a storefront. Both window graphics and wall murals can emphasize season and promotions, by creating snowy backgrounds for Christmas sales or palm tree beaches for summer sales. They create environments that set the mood for your store.

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2. Temporary

What good would a seasonal sign be if it were permanent? Window graphics peel easily off your glass when you’re done with them. They leave minimal residue, so you don’t have to waste time cleaning your glass before creating your next window display.

Many people don’t realize this, but wall graphics are also temporary. You can leave them on for a few weeks and then peel them off, without harming the paint below. Thus, they are a great way to add visual interest in your office or retail store.

Window Graphics

3. Huge & Cost-Effective

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a sign this big for so little cost. As wall murals and wall graphics don’t involve lights, permanent fixtures, or any material other than vinyl, they’re very cost-effective. Plus, it doesn’t cost a whole lot to print them in jumbo sizes.

The bigger the sign, the more visible it will be to customers who are far away, and the more it will impact them when they come to take a closer look.

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Ready to take advantage of these convenient signs and impress your customers? There’s no better team to work with than 4 Directions Signs & Graphics. Let us know what season, mood, or retail experience you’re looking to create, and we’ll help you get started.

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