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Impress Your Customer At The Entrance With Building Directory Signs

Show that you’re committed to making things clear and simple for your customer with building directory signage. They may seem like a given, necessary element of your lobby. However, putting a little thought into them can pay dividends, impressing your customers and elevating their experience in your building. Here are a few ways you can impress your customer with your wayfinding signage.

Organize Your Sign

Some businesses make the mistake of ordering their business directory sign in a way that makes sense to them, instead of their customer. Don’t list your offices or staff alphabetically. Organize them by location, or the type of service they offer.

Use headings to make things clearer for those who are entering your business for the first time. Remember, wayfinding signs are all about making your business space easy to navigate, so your customer can quickly find what they need. That’s also why you should double-check that your building directory sign is ADA-compliant, so those with disabilities can also feel welcomed by your business.

Add Extra Information

Your lobby signage is an opportunity to inform your customer about other things that they may find genuinely useful. Perhaps you should include your office hours, business policies, or where the washrooms are. If you find your reception is answering the same questions a lot, you may want to include the answer to your building directory sign.  It’s this kind of thoughtfulness that helps your business make the best impression possible on your customers. 

Keep It Beautiful

Every sign represents your business, so even if it’s mostly there for function, it still needs to be beautiful. A great building directory sign works with your lobby atmosphere, add to the décor, and reflects your business values. A good choice of font, color, material, and style are all important to make the right wayfinding sign for your business.

Clever, Clear Wayfinding Signage From 4 Directions We know what you need to make your building directory signage an asset for your business. Talk to us at 4 Directions to get the right wayfinding signage for you.

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