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How To Design The Perfect Lobby Sign For Your Business

Don’t take your lobby sign for granted! There’s more to consider than just making sure the sign matches your branding. A well-designed lobby sign becomes the focal point of your lobby, which means your customers will see it every time they walk in. The impression your lobby sign makes is important, even more so than other indoor company signs you may already have. Here are our tips to create the best design:

1. Choose the Location Ahead Of Time

Should your indoor sign be behind the lobby desk, across from it, or on another wall? Choosing the location before you start the design process will help you determine what is feasible. Depending on the location, you may be limited in size. Also, you need to consider which other décor elements the sign needs to complement – possibly including other custom indoor business signs.

Also, if your customers will be walking past the sign, take that into account when choosing the mounting style. You may not have the space to set the sign out from the wall a bit, even though that style can make the sign more impactful.

2. Consider Branding And Material

Not all brands can be expressed in every indoor sign material. If you have a unique shade in your logo, a plastic option is probably going to be best to match the color. However, you can still mount the sign with another material. You just need to make sure that materially adds to the impression of your brand, instead of detracting from it.

Custom indoor business signs are available in these materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood

Which reflects your brand? For example, a stable, reliable brand may opt for metal. A rustic, earthy brand may select wood. We will advise you of the impressions we can create with each material.

3. Add Character

Your customer has probably seen your logo before. How can you make it more appealing, and therefore more powerful for the lobby sign? Lighting, new design elements, and unique mounting styles can all make your sign a little more impressive. These enhancements can help your sign stand out.

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