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How to Design a Perfect Channel Letter Sign for Business

Channel letters will help you feature your brand in bold three-dimensional style on the front of your building. For many brands in Folsom & Sacramento, channel letters are the most important signs. They establish your brand image and, when successful, draw people into your location. It makes sense to invest extra effort into making sure your channel letter sign is the best it can be.

Work with Designers that Know Your Brand

Most sign designers can create channel letter signs that look great. Less know how to make a sign that truly exemplifies a brand. Some don’t even try. Your sign designers should be asking multiple questions about your brand and how you need to be perceived in order to attract your target audience.

There’s a big difference between a sign that needs to feel playful and a sign that needs to be authoritative. Your sign should be a mix of specific elements of your brand, or it won’t be successful.

Don’t Neglect Lighting Options

Channel letters are mostly LED, but they are lit from different positions. The specific lighting of your sign will change how it appears both during the day and at night. This effects how well your sign reflects your brand and how much attention it will get. Your lighting options are:

  • Front-Lit: These LED channel letters are lit from inside of the letters. This is the most common type of channel letters in Folsom & Sacramento.
  • Reverse Channel Letters: These are lit behind the letters, not in the letters. The result is a soft halo-like glow that looks great at night. Reverse channel letters are popular with brands wanting to put forth a softer image and those that are open primarily at night.
  • Open Face: These are not LED but have neon lighting inside the letters. This is a dramatically different quality of light that works for brands wanting a distinct and classic look.

Your sign specialists can help you choose which lighting technique will work best in your specific circumstances.

Work with 4 Directions Signs & Graphics for the Perfect Channel Letter Sign

Many more decisions go into making the perfect channel letters for your business. At 4 Directions Signs & Graphics, we’re dedicated to helping you get the best sign for your brand, building, and business goals. Reach out to us today to start your channel letter sign consultation in Folsom & Sacramento.

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