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How ADA Compliant Signs are Changing with Time

ADA Compliant Bathroom Signs

It has been some time since the ADA came into effect, but compliance is still critical. The ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act — a law passed in 1990 that aims to ensure people with disabilities can enjoy life like everyone else. Part of this law requires businesses to be accessible in many ways, including signage.

ADA signs must follow the latest regulations to be compliant. Businesses should monitor for changes through the United States Access Board to avoid fines and penalties. Below are some key details to be mindful of when it comes to ADA compliant signs.

Type of sign:

Different sign types have distinct rules under the ADA. From ADA directional signs to informational signs, overhead signs and identification signs, knowing which type of sign you’re working with will help to determine its specific requirements.

Location of sign:

Depending on where your sign will live also impacts its design and size. This includes considerations like its mounting height and reading distance.

Character height and stroke:

Depending on where your sign is mounted, characters will need to be a specific size. These sizes will vary for each custom ADA sign, but generally should not be smaller than 1/8 inch in height.

Character and line spacing:

The distance between each character and each line of text is mandated through the ADA to ensure your messages are highly visible. The size of margins around text and braille are also specified to limit crowded information.


Simple, sans-serif fonts are recommended for ADA directional signs. Avoid using italics and scripts, which can be hard to read. There are also specific rules about when to use upper- and lower-case letters for each sign.

Images and colors:

High-contrast color schemes are necessary under the ADA to improve visibility. There are also requirements for custom ADA signs when it comes to which pictures you display such as the icons for elevators, stairwells, and accessible parking.


When it comes to mounting your sign, it needs to live in a well-lit area that isn’t obstructed from view. This could mean rearranging some items in your business to accommodate new ADA signs.

Trust 4 Directions Signs & Graphics for ADA Signs in Folsom

The above list is just a short snippet of the ADA requirements for signage in your business. At 4 Directions Signs & Graphics in Sacramento & Folsom, we’re well-versed in ADA requirements for business signs. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll create compliant signs that conform to the current ADA guidelines.

Show your customers and staff that you care about accessibility with signage that meets ADA requirements. Contact us for a complimentary quote to get started.

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