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Home Office Wall Graphics Ideas that Increase Productivity

Home office wall decals

If your productivity is suffering while working from home, wall graphics could be the answer. Blank walls in a home office can be uninspiring. This might make it tough to perform at your best. But even in the smallest of spaces, wall art is a simple, cost-effective option for improving the space — and your productivity.

If you’re ready to enhance your home office space, read on. Below are some design elements to consider when choosing commercial wall graphics for your home.

Colorful Designs

Colors can change our moods by setting the tone in a workspace. A mix of vibrant shades can stimulate creativity. Natural tones such as green and blue are more calming and can improve efficiency and focus.


Color blocks and strong lines can help with tasks that need your focus and concentration. On the other hand, abstract designs in neutral colors can create a more tranquil space.

Bright Imagery

Office wall graphics can instantly transform small and dark spaces. Be sure to choose light and bright designs or images to create the illusion of a bigger, brighter office.

Words and Phrases

Home office decals can contain more than just images and patterns. Your favorite words, quotes, and lyrics can become a form of artwork that resonates and inspires your work.

Scenic Locations

Bring the outdoors in or transport your home office to a new location with commercial wall graphics. If you work better lakeside or on the beach, choosing a landscape design can create a more inspiring space.

Personal Touch

Meaningful memories can add comfort to chaotic workdays. Add personal inspiration to your space with home office decals that include imagery and photos from vacations, holidays, and other occasions.

Contact 4 Directions Signs & Graphics for Custom Wall Decals

Regardless of which type of wall design you choose for your home office, the team at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics in Folsom, CA, can help bring it to life. We can rekindle your productivity at home with custom decals that will transform plain, painted walls.

Our creative team will work with you to understand your design and create a graphic concept. The decals are digitally printed on thin layers of adhesive vinyl that are then applied to the wall. The process is completely custom, based on your chosen colors, patterns, and images.

If you’re ready to reclaim your productivity with inspiring wall graphics, contact us for a free quote.

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