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Four Reasons Wall Graphics are a Better Option Than Paint

Vinyl Wall Graphics in Folsom
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Why choose a can of paint, when you could choose a vinyl wall graphic? If you’d reach for a can of paint to label your office, refresh your walls, add a mural, or add some branding to a window, you should consider a wall graphic instead. There are four key reasons that vinyl will better fulfill your business goals than paint.

1. Removable & Reusable

Unlike paint, vinyl can be removed from your wall or glass simply and quickly. Vinyl sheets protect the paint beneath them, whether they’re on a wall or a vehicle. After you’ve removed your graphic, you can always re-use it and re-apply it to your wall. That makes vinyl great for seasonal promotions, or for labeling offices that may need to be relabeled later as employees move around and get promoted.

2. More Detail for Less Cost

If you want detail, it’s best to choose custom wall graphics over paint. We can print amazing, photo-like detail on vinyl. Get a high-definition image of your product, or a life-like image of a customer using your services. It’s simple with vinyl.

Talented artists can achieve a lot of detail with paint, but those artists cost a lot of money. Vinyl is significantly less expensive, even if you want a large, detailed mural to cover a lobby wall in your office or a high wall in your warehouse. Achieving detail with paint also costs time.

3. No Drying Time

We frequently work with customers who need their signs quickly, whether they’re trying to capitalize on a new trend, quickly change their brand perception, or get their seasonal sales up. If you find yourself in that boat, vinyl wall graphics will help you meet your timeline. Unlike paint, they don’t require drying time, and we can design, print and install them quickly.

4. Get Your Exact Look

You may want to use your brand’s font, logo, and other visual elements in your graphic. Thankfully, graphics allow you to recreate your brand look exactly. Don’t worry about the shade of paint changing after it dries or your font being slightly off as it may be with paint. We create a digital design, and a printer adds it to the vinyl with a high degree of accuracy.

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