Floor Decals

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Floor Decals

Are you looking to optimize all the space your business has to offer? Floor graphics are the perfect way to save space while still advertising, marketing, or branding your business. With a high degree of customization and endless versatility, these sign solutions offer businesses of all kinds the freedom to achieve their unique goals or overcome challenges.

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Promote Your Brand with Floor Decals and Signs

What Are Floor Decals?

Floor decals, otherwise known as floor graphics or stickers, are a type of vinyl signage that is installed directly on the floor. They consist of three components: an adhesive layer, a top laminate layer, and the design. Each part contributes to the overall effectiveness of these decals.

The adhesive layer ensures the decal remains installed to the ground, despite constant wear and tear; the top laminate layer protects the design from being walked on, keeping it vibrant and readable; and the design showcases your desired branding, messaging, or graphics.

floor decal
floor decal

Effective Uses for Floor Decals in Rancho Cordova

Floor graphics can be customized to the unique needs of your business, due to their versatility and high degree of customization. If you’re unsure how your business could utilize these sign solutions, explore the following uses to begin brainstorming:


Floor decals for events can be used for many purposes, such as wayfinding, promotional purposes, or enhanced branding. For example, if floor decals were installed leading up to your business’s booth, they become a path for attendees to follow. They can even be customized with statistics, important information, or exciting updates to generate interest as people get closer to your booth.


One of the most common uses for floor signage is wayfinding. They are positioned strategically to help navigate customers through complex buildings or businesses. They are most effective at busy intersections or near popular amenities, like washrooms, changerooms, or checkout counters.

Themed Advertisements

Floor advertising unlocks different avenues to capture consumer attention. As people traditionally look down when they walk, adding themed or branded advertisements that help them take notice of the displays around them is an effective strategy. For example, a toy store could incorporate various mascots into their designs to engage children – their target audience – and drive parent purchases.


While these sign solutions are unique on their own, it is important to combine aesthetics with function to be most effective. With endless customization, as we offer at 4 Directions Signs and Graphics, you can be imaginative with the way these decals are used. From vibrant graphics to social distancing guidelines, custom floor stickers offer nearly limitless creativity.

Industries That Would Benefit from Floor Graphics


Save valuable space within your retail business by opting out of stand-up advertisements and choosing floor decals instead. The decals can be customized to correspond to the products displayed on the walls, ensuring customers don’t miss anything. Similarly, these decals can be installed at the checkout counter, occupying customers while they are waiting to make a purchase.


How many times have you visited a restaurant and had to ask where the washrooms are? If floor decals were subtly designed and displayed throughout the restaurant, you would prevent your customers from having to ask. This not only makes their experience more enjoyable, but it also allows your staff to be more productive.

Distribution or Manufacturing Centers

Distribution and manufacturing complexes are known for being large and difficult to navigate. With clear floor signage, pointing the way towards key areas, various departments, or popular amenities, operations would be much more efficient.

Hospitality Businesses

From hotels to entertainment centers, people are consistently coming and going for a wide variety of reasons. While floor graphics are not the only signage needed in these businesses, they would be helpful for basic navigation or direction. Whether they indicate where to line up for assistance or guide patrons to elevators or concert halls, floor graphics are perfect for these spaces.

floor decal
floor decal

Benefits of Floor Decals

  • Cost-Effectiveness: As these signs are crafted from high-quality vinyl, they are extremely cost-effective. Whether they are used for long or short-term purposes, these signs are accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  • Personalization: Bring your brand to life with endless personalization. Our graphic designers will work closely with you to ensure that your floor signage embodies your brand perfectly.
  • Durability: Vinyl is one of the most durable signage materials, meaning they are long-lasting and worth the investment. Floor graphics, specifically, are designed to withstand general wear and tear, as they are walked on daily. They can also be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, which other signs cannot.
  • Brand Recognition: As the floor isn’t a common advertising or branding space, these decals effortlessly capture attention. It also helps that people look down while they walk! By including your branding within these signs’ designs, you can instantly boost your brand recognition, which can help increase customer trust and loyalty.
  • Wayfinding: While it is a use of floor graphics, wayfinding is also a benefit. By installing these signs, you can help prevent anyone from entering your business and feeling the frustration that comes with being lost. Clear, concise signage could mean the difference between a positive and negative experience within your business.

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4 Directions Signs and Graphics is a full-service signage company that services businesses of all sizes, industries, and types. Regardless of your business goals, we are able to design, craft, and install stunning signage that helps to accomplish them.

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