Event Signs

Event Sign

Event Signs

With each event, your business is offered the opportunity to make countless new impressions and set yourself apart from competitors. Whether you attend a tradeshow where you’re competing for attendee attention or sponsor an event, having the right event signs is crucial.

Event signs in Rancho Cordova is a sure-fire way for business leaders to maximize their presence and create the right experience. With the help of 4 Directions Signs and Graphics, make a splash at your next event!

Promote Your Brand with Event Signage

What Are Event Signs?

You may be wondering, “what are event signs and why are they worth the investment?”

This category of signage is wide given there are many sign solutions that can be classified under it. The focus of this type of signage is to promote your business at an event; this can be achieved by garnering attention, widening brand awareness, and/or piquing the curiosity of potential new customers. Event banners and signs are traditionally branded to reflect the uniqueness of your business, as it makes them stand out and build brand recognition simultaneously.

A common misconception is that event signs are an unnecessary cost. However, attending events requires time, money, and effort for each business, and signage is one way to ensure that your participation and overall impact is maximized.

Event Sign
Event Sign

Discovering the Types of Event Signs Available

The booth setup your business is given may vary, from a table to a large space. The decoration of this space will determine its atmosphere and whether or not attendees are drawn towards it.

Whether you’re looking for one type of sign or a combination of event signs to create a curated experience, our team at 4 Directions Signs and Graphics can help!

Browse the following sign types to determine what suits your needs best:

  • Welcome Signs: As the name suggests, welcome signs for events are meant to start an attendee’s experience positively. They offer a warm greeting that lets people know they are in the right place and can even provide wayfinding support.


  • Banners: The benefits that banners offer make them one of the most common types of event signs. Made from durable vinyl, these signs are long-lasting, cost-efficient, and easily customized. Large banners for events can be designed to be hung, stood up, or mounted in a variety of ways, making the sky your limit.


  • Background Displays: For larger booths, filling the space with branded materials can seem difficult. With a background display, you can instantly customize the look and feel of your booth to reflect your goals or brand. These displays are also perfect for photo ops, which boosts your online presence if people feel compelled to share it via social media.


  • Tabletop Signs: If an event only provides tables for each vendor to use, there are still many options to make your business stand out! With tabletop signs for events, you can promote your products or services, engage with attendees through QR codes, or advertise other ways to interact with your business.


  • Event Parking Signs: While you may think the event experience begins at the front doors, it actually begins in the parking lot. With clear, directional signage, you can guarantee that employees, other vendors, and attendees have a smooth start to their visit. From “Stop” signs to accessible parking, these seemingly small details go a long way in crafting an enjoyable atmosphere.

Tips for Designing Impactful Signage

Simple is Best

While there is a time and place for vibrant, elaborate designs, it is important not to overwhelm your event banners and signs with too much information. Try to pique onlookers’ attention, drawing them to your booth to find more information.

Make Your Branding Consistent

To make your business memorable beyond an event, it’s important to make your brand easily recognizable. By ensuring all your event signage is consistently designed to promote your brand, you will build valuable recall, avoiding any future confusion.

Consider Unique Shapes or Designs

Events are the perfect place to try new, unique advertising methods. People attend to learn about new businesses or products, which means they are looking for what stands out. With customized event signs, your ability to capture skyrockets! Try out non-traditional shapes or designs to be the booth that attracts attendees like a moth to a flame.

Encourage Ongoing Engagement

There are so many ways to engage individuals beyond an event. By customizing your signs to include interactive elements, such as QR codes, you can increase the likelihood of an attendee converting into a new customer after the event. These elements can provide additional details about your offerings, unlock discounts, or promote your social media platforms.

Crafting Event Signs in Rancho Cordova

At 4 Directions Signs and Graphics, we offer a comprehensive signage journey for all our clients. From start to finish, we provide endless support, expertise, and guidance, ensuring the solutions you receive meet your expectations, consider your preferences, and work to achieve your goals.

Our process includes the following stages:

  • Consultation: We begin by learning more about your business and its goals for your upcoming event. This allows us to provide tailored recommendations that best suit your needs.
  • Design: With close collaboration from you, our sign designers create several design mockups, which can be modified until you’re 100% satisfied.
  • Production: Crafting event banners and signs entails using high-quality materials, state-of-the-art processes, and quality checks.
  • Installation: While many event signs can be set up by you, if further installation support is needed, we are happy to provide it. Our team will make sure it is securely and strategically positioned to draw maximum attention.
Event Sign

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