Vinyl Wall Graphics in Folsom
Wall Graphics

Four Reasons Wall Graphics are a Better Option Than Paint

Why choose a can of paint, when you could choose a vinyl wall graphic? If you’d reach for a can of paint to label your office, refresh your walls, add a mural, or add some branding to a window, you should consider a wall graphic instead. There are four key reasons that vinyl will better fulfill your business goals than paint. 1. Removable & Reusable Unlike paint, vinyl can be removed from your wall or glass simply and quickly. Vinyl sheets protect the paint beneath them, whether they’re on a wall or a vehicle. After you’ve removed your graphic, you

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Channel Letter Signs
Channel Letter Sign

How to Design a Perfect Channel Letter Sign for Business

Channel letters will help you feature your brand in bold three-dimensional style on the front of your building. For many brands in Folsom & Sacramento, channel letters are the most important signs. They establish your brand image and, when successful, draw people into your location. It makes sense to invest extra effort into making sure your channel letter sign is the best it can be. Work with Designers that Know Your Brand Most sign designers can create channel letter signs that look great. Less know how to make a sign that truly exemplifies a brand. Some don’t even try. Your

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digital wayfinding signage
Wayfinding Signage

How Digital Wayfinding Signage Can Benefit Your Business

What if you could make your wayfinder signage more dynamic, bright, and flexible? Digital signage allows you to do just that. Digital signs are lit, can be programmed to scroll or move, and can be changed at a moment’s notice. These advantages help your wayfinding signs stand out in Folsom and Sacramento, which benefits your business in several ways. Here are just a few ways that digital signs can help your business flourish 1. Help Customers Find You The most obvious benefit of all wayfinding signage is that you can use it to direct customers to your business, or to

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tradeshow exhibit booth displays
Trade Show Booth Displays

How Trade Show Booth Displays Can Make an Impact at Your Next Event

At 4 Direction Signs & Graphics we focus on creating unique trade show booth displays that prompt a conversation with your audience. Engaging your audience at the event is a surefire way to make a lasting connection and win over their loyalty to your brand for the long-haul. While having knowledgeable and friendly staff at the booth will help, the actual design of your trade show exhibit booth display can help engage people too. Here’s how we make engaging trade show booths in Folsom and Sacramento. Offer Actual Seating During a trade show or any other event, people quickly get

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ADA compliant signs
ADA signs

Which Signs in a Facility Need to be ADA Compliant?

While the Americans with Disabilities Act has been around for a long time, some businesses are still risking fines by not having compliant signs, and they may not even know it. Whether you’re opening up a new location, or just taking stock of the signs in your current property, it’s wise to determine if you have the ADA compliant signs you need to avoid fines and make those with disabilities comfortable on your property in Folsom and Sacramento. Which Signs Need to be ADA Compliant? There are three main types of rooms that need ADA compliant braille signs: 1. Permanent

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Interior Signs for Your Business Folsom
Indoor Signs

How to Choose the Right Set of Interior Signs for Your Business

There are so many interior sign options, from temporary signs that draw attention to your clearance sales, to permanent lit lobby signs that build your brand. From the many options, how do you know which interior business signs are right for you? To start with you will need a set of different signs to support all your different business goals. This should be relatively unified in design. In an office, you want sign consistency, so they look planned and match the aesthetics. In a retail environment, where people are used to very attention-grabbing signs, you have more flexibility. Still, that

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Vinyl wall graphics for office in Sacramento, CA
Wall Graphics

5 Steps to Prepare Your Walls for Wall Graphics

So, you’ve worked with your sign company and come up with a great wall graphic design. What do you need to do next to make sure you get the best installation job? At 4 Directions Sings & Graphics, we’ll take care of that for you. Still, you might be curious about what you should expect. So, here’s what we’ll do to prepare your walls for your vinyl wall graphics. 1. Consider Your Wall Texture Head over to the wall or walls where your graphic will be installed. Is it a smooth wall? Some paints and wallpapers add texture to the

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Custom Lobby Signs
Lobby Signs

Your Business Deserves A Perfect Lobby Sign, Here’s How You Can Get It

Your business can benefit from a custom lobby sign to impress customers, brand your lobby area, and create a better customer experience. Afterall, the lobby is where people begin their journey with your business. Both the beginning and the end of your customers’ experience matter, so your lobby sign must do a lot of work. Designing the best lobby sign for you isn’t always easy. Here are our best tips to design your custom reception sign. Start in Your LobbyYou may have a lot of ideas about what your reception sign should be, but they should all be grounded in

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Storefront Graphics
Window Graphics

5 Reasons Window Graphics Cannot Be Ignored

Window graphics and decals are a great option for any business that needs to place new signs in exciting new locations. Your business should not ignore window decals, because they have two unique features no other sign can match, and three more big benefits that help you make the most of your sign budget. Here’s what you need to know about window graphics. 1. Flexibility Window graphics can be applied to any glass surface. That gives them a lot of flexibility to go anywhere you need them, whether it’s a storefront, a glass wall in your office, or a tiny

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Interior Signs folsom, CA
Indoor Signs

What Interior Signs Say About Your Business

Some interior signs are necessary, they can help with wayfinding, while others boost sales or draw attention to new products. No matter the purpose, every interior sign you have says something about your business. It makes an impression on your customer, that they associate with you. This can either be a huge benefit to you, or it could slowly erode your brand image. Let’s discuss what interior signs may say about your business. Your Brand Values Perhaps the most obvious, customers will perceive your custom interior signs as representing your brand values. While every sign does this to some extent,

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