Commercial vehicle wraps and graphics
Vehicle Wraps

3 Tips to Create Stunning Vehicle Lettering

Your company’s fleet could be used as a mobile marketing tool. Whether vehicles are parked or travelling on the road, custom car and truck lettering will showcase your brand to the community. Many Folsom and Sacramento businesses are outfitting their fleets with vinyl lettering that commands attention. If you’re considering adding vinyl vehicle lettering to your fleet, read on for three essential tips from the expert team at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics. 1. Keep Messages Simple Motorists need to keep their eyes on the road. If they pass your fleet, they only have a quick second to read messages

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Custom Outdoor Business Signs
Outdoor Signs

How Outdoor Digital Signage Can Benefit Your Business

Outdoor signs have proven to be a powerful marketing tool for many businesses. Nowhere is this more evident than the Las Vegas strip where hotels, restaurants, and other establishments use bold, bright imagery on their signs to stand out in a crowded market. Whether your potential customers are passing by on foot or in a car, it’s hard to miss a bright, shining sign with your company’s message. Especially when compared to traditional signs and banners, digital sign displays are dynamic and eye-catching. Here are a few more reasons why local businesses in Sacramento & Folsom are turning to digital

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ADA Compliant Bathroom Signs
ADA signs

How ADA Compliant Signs are Changing with Time

It has been some time since the ADA came into effect, but compliance is still critical. The ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act — a law passed in 1990 that aims to ensure people with disabilities can enjoy life like everyone else. Part of this law requires businesses to be accessible in many ways, including signage. ADA signs must follow the latest regulations to be compliant. Businesses should monitor for changes through the United States Access Board to avoid fines and penalties. Below are some key details to be mindful of when it comes to ADA compliant signs.

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wayfinding signage Folsom
Wayfinding Signage

How Interactive Wayfinding Signage Improves Customer Experience

Have you ever stood in front of a huge directory sign in Folsom or Sacramento and felt a little lost? Signs that list dozens or hundreds of offices, stores, or other locations are often more overwhelming than they are helpful. The issue is your customer or guests may need all that information in order to find what they are looking for. So how do you make the sign a little easier to use so that your customer feels welcome and at ease? Use interactive wayfinding signage. Display a Map to Guide Customers In complex, busy properties, such as malls, your

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Window Graphics Folsom
Window Graphics

Want More Attention for Your Business? Get Window Graphics

Businesses today are in a constant battle for attention in their crowded marketplace. They simply can’t afford to let an opportunity pass by that can get them more attention and bring customers through their doors. Unique window graphics are one such option that can help you upgrade your marketing efforts, bring more attention towards your business, and most importantly draw foot traffic into your office or retail store. How Storefront Window Graphics Generate Quality Leads Online marketing has become very powerful, but in the retail industry, you can’t totally rely on online promotions and let go of storefront window graphics.

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lobby signs Folsom
Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs: Create a Welcoming Environment

The environment that your customer, or client, first steps into is as important as how your receptionist greets them. Most companies in Folsom and Sacramento understand that a cold, beige, uninteresting lobby isn’t very welcoming, so they go out of their way to make it more beautiful, warm, and interesting. Not all brands take their lobby space to the next level by branding it with a lobby sign. If you don’t, you’re missing a big opportunity to make your lobby more welcoming and ensure that your customer gets a positive impression of you from the very start. Here’s what you

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Hanging Business Signs
Outdoor Signs

How Outdoor Business Signs Can Change Your Brand’s Image

Brand perception is powerful. The right perception can help you gain and keep more customers. However, brands often find that they have made a mistake in crafting their brand, and need to make subtle, or total, changes. If you need to change your brand perception, you’ll need a suite of marketing materials to help you. Outdoor signs should be a key piece of your plan. Here’s how they can help change the way people see your brand. Introduce a New Look Often, part of changing how people see your brand is changing the visuals, or the logo, stylization of the

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Vinyl Wall Graphics in Folsom
Wall Graphics

Four Reasons Wall Graphics are a Better Option Than Paint

Why choose a can of paint, when you could choose a vinyl wall graphic? If you’d reach for a can of paint to label your office, refresh your walls, add a mural, or add some branding to a window, you should consider a wall graphic instead. There are four key reasons that vinyl will better fulfill your business goals than paint. 1. Removable & Reusable Unlike paint, vinyl can be removed from your wall or glass simply and quickly. Vinyl sheets protect the paint beneath them, whether they’re on a wall or a vehicle. After you’ve removed your graphic, you

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Channel Letter Signs
Channel Letter Sign

How to Design a Perfect Channel Letter Sign for Business

Channel letters will help you feature your brand in bold three-dimensional style on the front of your building. For many brands in Folsom & Sacramento, channel letters are the most important signs. They establish your brand image and, when successful, draw people into your location. It makes sense to invest extra effort into making sure your channel letter sign is the best it can be. Work with Designers that Know Your Brand Most sign designers can create channel letter signs that look great. Less know how to make a sign that truly exemplifies a brand. Some don’t even try. Your

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digital wayfinding signage
Wayfinding Signage

How Digital Wayfinding Signage Can Benefit Your Business

What if you could make your wayfinder signage more dynamic, bright, and flexible? Digital signage allows you to do just that. Digital signs are lit, can be programmed to scroll or move, and can be changed at a moment’s notice. These advantages help your wayfinding signs stand out in Folsom and Sacramento, which benefits your business in several ways. Here are just a few ways that digital signs can help your business flourish 1. Help Customers Find You The most obvious benefit of all wayfinding signage is that you can use it to direct customers to your business, or to

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