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Advantages of Banners and Flags Advertising

Advertising flags and banners command attention. Whether you are out for a walk, run or drive, it’s hard to ignore flags flapping in the wind. At a trade show or event, tall banners are also easy to notice. This visibility is just one reason that so many Folsom business-owners use these signs for advertising.

If you’re considering using flags or banners for your business, read on. Below is a list of all the advantages these signs bring businesses.

Cheaper than Other Forms of Advertising

Advertising campaigns can be a costly investment. Compared to print, digital, or broadcast ads, banners and flags cost only a fraction of the price. You only pay once to receive unlimited impressions. Other types of ads such as billboards or TV, require renewal payments to stay active. Instead, your signs can last for many years and be reused often with proper care.

Create Custom Banners and Flags that Stand Out

If you think signs won’t stand out, think again. The power of custom banners and flags includes complete personalization. You can increase visibility with your graphics and text. Bright, vibrant designs are sure to get noticed. Plus, you’ll get expert advice when you work with the professionals at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics. Our team of designers can suggest the design options that will get you the most attention.

Place Advertising Flags and Banners Anywhere

These types of signs can be completely portable. Depending on the hardware you choose, you can bring your banners to different events. They are easy to assemble and store. You can also select other fixtures to change where your flags fly. Both types of signs are made from top-quality, long-lasting fabric.

Choose a Size that Suits Your Needs

Custom banners and flag signs come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on your location, you can choose the shape and size best suited for you. For flags specifically, they can be displayed vertically or horizontally with many mount options.

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We can help you elevate your branding with custom business signs. 4 Directions Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign partner that works with Folsom businesses. Our expert team specializes in all types of indoor and outdoor signs that will get noticed. We do it all when it comes to design, creation, and installation.

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