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A Business Sign Needs These Five Elements

Signs serve many purposes for businesses. Some business signage may help with marketing. They can let prospects know what your company is all about and encourage them to do business with you. They can also promote services, products, sales, and events.

Other types of signs can help inform customers and guests. This may include directional signs that show them the way or restroom signs that point out the nearest facility. Still, other signs, such as ADA signs, can help make your location more accessible and inclusive.

Regardless of the type of commercial business sign, they all serve an important purpose and can help your business. To ensure your signs are effective, consider the five elements below when creating signage for your company.

1. What Shape Will You Use?

When you’re creating business signage, be sure to consider the shape of common signs. For example, if you think about road signs, circles often give orders, triangles provide warnings, and rectangles offer information. Even though you may not be creating road signs, think about how the shape of your sign might affect its meaning. You can also better plan the layout for your text and images when you know what sign shape you’ll be working with.

2. Have You Considered the Color of your Custom Business Signs?

Depending on the nature of your business and signage needs, you may want to focus on using certain colors. For example, red, orange, and yellow are often colors that are used to make a bold statement. Other colors, such as blue and green, can be more calming. White, however, can be used for cleanness and simplicity.

For promotional signage, you may also choose to create personalized business signs that use your company’s colors. This can help with brand recognition and create a seamless look among all your marketing assets.

3. Avoid Lengthy Wording

Whether you create indoor or outdoor signage, motorists, pedestrians, and customers likely won’t spend a lot of time reading lengthy text on a sign. You can help to keep people moving by focusing on keywords and phrases to inform them. Less is more when you’re creating personalized business signs, so it’s best to keep the text short, simple, and easy to read.

4. Focus on Simple Images and Universal Symbols

From a distance, detailed images may be hard to see. Much like the text of your signs, simple images can help people to grasp your message quickly. Signs and symbols that are universally known, such as arrows, can make it easier for people to interpret your signage.

5. Where Will You Place Your Business Signs?

Before you decide how big to make your signs, you will need to consider where it’s going to live. For example, you may need to measure your wall space, floor space, and other locations to ensure you achieve a precise fit. This can help you to maximize the space you have available. Be sure to also look for obstructions that may get in the way of your sign’s visibility.

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At 4 Directions Signs & Graphics, we understand how to incorporate the above elements when creating effective signage. Our comprehensive range of custom sign solutions can help support your business.

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