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5 Steps to Prepare Your Walls for Wall Graphics

So, you’ve worked with your sign company and come up with a great wall graphic design. What do you need to do next to make sure you get the best installation job? At 4 Directions Sings & Graphics, we’ll take care of that for you. Still, you might be curious about what you should expect. So, here’s what we’ll do to prepare your walls for your vinyl wall graphics.

1. Consider Your Wall Texture

Head over to the wall or walls where your graphic will be installed. Is it a smooth wall? Some paints and wallpapers add texture to the wall surface which can make vinyl adhesion more challenging. While we can work around some textures, if you want the best results possible, it is best to refinish walls with texture.

2. Check the Wall’s Finish

Did you install an eggshell paint or matte paint? The amount of gloss in your paint also affects its texture and can make adhesion easier or more challenging. The glossier your paint, the better the vinyl will adhere. Matte paints work better with

On the other hand, other paint finishes can interfere with the wall wrap’s vinyl. Paint manufacturers have begun to create paint with stain-resistant properties that shed dirt and may resist vinyl. If so, you may need to repaint your wall before the vinyl wall graphic is installed.

3. Clean the Wall

Next, you’ll need to clean the wall. Any dirt, stains, or other debris that is on the wall when the vinyl is applied will be stuck under there for as long as the vinyl is on. This could result in a discolored wall if or when you remove the graphic. Plus, large debris can create bubbles or ripples in the wall wrap vinyl which distorts it looks. So, spending a bit of time washing the wall with plain soap and water is a good investment.

4. Use the Test Strips

Before you adhere the whole wrap to your wall, it’s best to use test strips to determine how well the actual vinyl wall graphic will stick to the wall. That way, you know if the wall should be refinished, sanded down, or cleaned more before the real wall graphic is put on.

5. Check the Size

The very last step you should take before you put your wall vinyl on is to check its size. You wouldn’t want to get half-way through applying the graphics and find out it’s a bit too small or large.  Get Your Wall Graphic Perfectly Applied By 4 Directions Signs & Graphics. We provide vinyl wall graphics in Folsom & Sacramento and even take care of the installation for you. Contact us today.

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