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3 Ways Window Graphics Can Boost Foot Traffic

One of the most popular signage types in the world, window graphics are amazingly versatile and diverse. From local cafeterias to high-end retail boutiques, virtually any business can make great use of window graphics and window decals. In this post, let’s look at some specific tactics you can use to boost foot traffic with window graphics.

1. Advertise an irresistible sale.

Use window decals and graphics to promote sales the reader can’t turn down. For maximum impact, remember to make the offer extremely compelling. Ideally, your sale or promotion will be short enough to convey urgency, but long enough that you’re not constantly changing graphics.
If you had a footwear store, you could use vinyl window decals to create a footprint graphic, then overlay it with “Footwear Clearance – now up to 50% off.” Another example could be a clothing store offering an end-of-season sale. In that case, you might use window decals to show gently falling leaves, surrounding text to the effect of “Fall Coats, 40% off this month.”

2. Create curiosity with opaque or frosted window decals.

Did you know you can create opaque or frosted window decals? The effect when finished is remarkably similar to frosted glass!
By placing frosted or opaque window decals in strategic locations, you can “tease” passersby with quick glimpses of an elaborate, carefully lit, eye-catching display inside. Frame the product display to pique the customer’s curiosity, and then compel him/her to enter your store with appropriate sales copy. You might use a phrase like “Tomorrow is here. Step inside and see for yourself.”

3. Amplify your message & branding.

While a single display of custom vinyl lettering combined with decals is eye-catching, repetition is key. Take advantage of your window space to create as many customer contact points as possible. For example, if your storefront has three panes of glass, consider a design that flows across all three. Each pane can have a self-contained image or message consisting of custom vinyl lettering but should tie neatly into the overall message, branding, and theme.
To further enhance your reach, consider tying your window graphics into a wider promotional campaign, including media such as flyers, e-mail newsletters, and postcards.

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