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3 Tips to Formulate the Right Mix of Office Signs for Your Business

Are business signs a tactic in your marketing strategy? Banners, billboards and outdoor signs are often considered for external promotion. Indoor signs, however, can be just as powerful. Within your office, business signs have the power to welcome guests, create a positive first impression and encourage employees.

Whether you’re looking to revisit your office’s existing signage or create new, custom signs, read on. Our team at 4 Directions Signs & Graphics in Folsom recommends the following signage tips.

Keep Branding Consistent

Whether you are labelling meeting rooms, directing guests to the elevator or pointing towards the lobby, keep your signage consistent. Your company’s branding should extend to its signage. This means using the same family of fonts, colors and graphics across all of your office signs.

The consistency will come across as professional and will improve the impression you make on guests. As part of your signage, be sure to consider accessibility so that everyone can navigate through your office location.

Focus on Function

Signs should have a purpose. Consider signs for your office that label different rooms and direct employees and guests where they need to go. Signage in your lobby can also welcome guests by providing information about your company, its products, and services.

As you consider the function of each sign, this can help you to determine where it should be placed. Some signs will need to be hung at eye level, such as custom signs that label meeting rooms. Directional signs, on the other hand, could be hung from the ceiling to point people towards the stairs, elevator or restrooms.

Get Creative

In addition to informational signs, get creative with your signage. Consider wall graphics or murals to transform plain office walls. These graphics could contain motivational sayings, your business’ slogan or designs to brighten the space.

For offices with glass partitions and rooms, window graphics are another option. They can create privacy between rooms and can also display information decoratively. Frosted window film and vinyl wraps create an endless array of options for creative window signs.

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